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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Naturopathic Medicine

Ultimate Guide to understanding Naturopathic medicine
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Naturopathic medicine is a science-based conventional technique that tends to promote wellness just by identifying the unique and true aspects of every patient. The process includes employing some non-toxic yet natural therapies in order to restore the psychological, physiological and balance of the patient.

What the training of naturopaths involve?

Naturopathic professionals are well-trained as the general practitioner who further specializes in natural medicine. A naturopathy clinic cooperates with all the other branches in the medical industry, for an in-depth treatment of the patients.

Naturopathic professionals get a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from a course of around four years from a medical college fulfilling all the educational requirements comparable to the traditional medical schools. Here, the degree in the same requires a graduate level study in the many streams of medical sciences. However, these streams may include cardiology, biochemistry, immunology, biotechnology, pharmacology, neurology and much more. It is not one of the highest paying healthcare professions, but naturopathic professionals earn very well.

Additionally, to fulfill the requirement of the medical curriculum the students must do extensive coursework in various areas related to natural therapeutics. Furthermore, these therapies may include areas from sciences of clinical nutrition, homeopathy, exercise therapy, hydrotherapy, botanical medicines and more.


Understanding the principles of Naturopathic medicine

Guide to understanding Naturopathic medicine

The naturopathic medicine tends to follow many key principles, and they are as follow:

1. Healing power of nature: Our body has an inherent capability in maintaining and restoring our health. The naturopathic professionals tend to facilitate the same healing process by clearing down the road to cure by identifying the root cause of the disease using the best-in-class treatment to enhance the process of healing.

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2. Recognize the root cause for the treatment: The professionals treat the underlying cause of disease instead of just focusing on the symptoms of the same. The symptoms are somehow the external manifestation of any sort of internal imbalance caused due to any physical, mental or emotional trauma. Moreover, managing them is quite important, but, you can count on us if we say that it is more important not to disregard the root cause of the illness.

3. It is Harmless: A naturopathic clinic uses a planned set of therapies that are non-invasive, effective and gentle for the patients. This is a conscious effort performed by the professionals to suppress the symptoms and treating the disease efficiently.

4. Preventing the Disease and preparing for the future: The process if quite easier and cost-friendly method one can really go for. The Naturopathic professionals tend to work on both the subjective and the objective aspects to unveil the potential susceptibilities of the state of the disease in the future. Don’t forget to discuss your lifestyle in details and do ask for the best nutritional supplements in order to prevent the disease again in the future.


How can naturopathic medicine provide you with good health and wellbeing?

Ultimate Guide to understanding Naturopathic medicine

The professionals are generally successful when it comes to treating some really severe conditions that don’t respond to other traditional methods. This may include conditions like fatigue, sleeping disorders, digestion related problems and more. Physicians are easily able to respond to the requirements of the patients accordingly and then develop a proper treatment plan that might include botanical medicine, diet therapy and more. This makes it easier for physicians to take up the process with pace.

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Furthermore, the medicine focuses on the art of healing; this is somehow more than just dispensing or relying on a simple natural remedy or nutritional supplements. A person has to understand the context of the disease; also, the professional must invest his/her time to listen to every detail of a patient. A professional naturopathy clinic has physicians with patience and good communication.

Many patients are already aware of the disease they are going through and what exactly they need to cure the same, but all they don’t know is how to translate the same for the treatment. Here, the naturopathic physician can help you to translate a treatment based according to your requirements. They also assign priorities among the several options that might come into action later on in the future. So, it is natural for them to take time in order to answer the questions of their patients.


Is naturopathic medicine really that good?

Naturopathy is an evidence-based field in the industry of medical science. It is also considered the paradigm in traditional health care. Also, the underlying foundations of the treatment are performed by a randomized process as well as a controlled trial; this is quite valuable when it comes to evaluating every single treatment for some really severe diseases. There are many trials performed that suggest that naturopathic treatments like acupuncture, nutritional therapies, and others are very effective for treating conditions like migraine, depression, anxiety, type 2 diabetes, fibromyalgia, and hypertension.

Since these trials are only effective at testing single healings, they may not be the best option to judge the use of several other treatments in people with more than just one disorder. For this as well as the other reasons, many researchers have also suggested that an evidence-based approach must not only include the research evidence but should also mention various clinical expertise along with the requirement of the patients. For instance, if we talk about riboflavin, Vitamin B has proven to be the best option in the controlled trial to reduce the duration along with the frequency of the migraine when consumed for three months.

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Therefore, a naturopathic professional is generally found using riboflavin to treat the same, while the process may involve other treatments too based on several clinical expertise. Such treatments tend to use the products like omega-3 fatty acids, to reduce the inflammation or even eliminating diet so as to identify the possible food that causes chemicals to trigger.

Lastly, naturopathic medicine is highly personalized traditional medicine that does not always restrict itself to the treatments that only based on the randomized controlled trials. It is quite important to test the value of the treatments, but the real clinical application is somehow very complex when compared to other treatment processes.



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