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Health Tips For a Successful Examination

Health tips for a successful examination

When someone gets a fever during exams, what is it called? Exam fever! Not everyone likes exams, if not for exams, school would have been so much fun. But the truth is we have no choice. Exam periods can be stressful and tiring; after all, studying for exams and taking mock exams such as CPCE Practice Exam, takes lots of time and effort. Do you know that how well you perform in an examination depends on your health? In order to get good results in your exams, you need to be in the best mental and physical health condition possible.
It’s a fact that during examination periods we often neglect our health and well being. Because the stress and work load could get too much for us. Today, you will learn some useful health tips for you to have a successful examination. These are very useful health tips for examination that will help you to succeed and stay healthy under any stressful condition.
How should you eat during an examination period? What foods will help you remember what you read? How can you stay awake and read for longer periods?
Do you want to find out the answers to these questions? Read on!

Health Tips For Examination

Health tips for a successful examination

1. Eat healthy

During exam period you eat anyhow and just anything. Or you might resort to fast foods. The reason is because you feel there’s no time. Yes, there might be no time.
The right thing to do is to watch what you eat and make sure it’s healthy.
Don’t try to survive on junks, or snacks instead go for fruits and vegetables.
It is also better you cook during exams. I know, it’s not always easy. Well, if you properly make plans and create time, you can prepare yourself meals during such busy periods.

2. Eat brain boosting foods

There are some foods that have been proven to improve brain function, memory and concentration. These foods include eggs, berries, fish and almonds. Tomatoes too can also help you forget less because of it’s ability to destroy free radicals.
This doesn’t mean when you that when you eat these foods your brain will transform to Albert Einstein’s own. This will just help you get better by increasing your mental strength, focus, alertness and ability to remember.

3. Stay hydrated always

The importance of water in your body is exceedingly numerous.
But it is most important when you are taking exams. Staying hydrated will
keep you body vitalized and healthy.
It is also important that you drink lots of water when studying. So you can cool down your already boiling brain. Lol.

4. Sleep normally

Nobody wants to sleep during exams, everybody is reading TDB (Till Day break). I’m not saying its wrong, desperate times calls for desperate measures. What I really mean is that you should maintain a normal sleep routine during exam periods.
The average amount of sleep for a healthy teen during exams is six to seven hours.
Adjust your time so you can sleep properly, if you are reading in the day sleep at night. If you reading at night, sleep during the day.
Adequate sleep will help your memory and aid your studying during exams.
Avoid caffeine for successful exam

5. Avoid caffeinated drinks or stimulants

Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical found in tea and coffee.
Caffeine is a stimulant. Most students feel it will prevent them from falling asleep.
But do you know that taking excessive drinks of caffeinated drinks can cause headaches, and tremulousness sensations.
Caffeine can also interfere with your normal sleep and the ability for you to concentrate and in some cases heart rhythm can be affected. Caffeine can worsen your case, if you are stressed or anxious about the exam.
Apples can keep you awake better than caffeine.

6. Eat little and light meals

It is important to eat little foods at night before studying for exams. Heavy meals will definitely slow you down. Also eat lighter  meals at shorter intervals.

7. Exercise

Exercise will help you stay in a good shape for exams. Regular exercise during examination period can help you mentally.
Additionally, you could engage in breathing exercise for improved concentration and stress relief.

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Yes, if you practice this health tips, exam fever won’t turn to real fever.
I wish you the very best in your exams.
Thank you for taking out time to read.
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  • We should take very good care of our health and therefore we need professional tips to deal with any kind of health issues. Most probably people are suffering from bad health due to several reasons such as; lack of proper diet, proper physical workout, proper sleep and stress free life. Apart from all stress is the crucial fact, due to restless schedule in most of the occasion we are facing health problems. Here also we can get some tips on how to take care of our health during exams; hope while following these tips we are able to deal with health problems during exams.

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