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5 Wonderful Ways Crying Benefits Your Health

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Health benefits of crying
 Everybody has cried at point in the their life. Whether it was, when you were just born, when you broke up with your lover, when you lost a loved one to death or when something incredibly good happened to you. But do you know that crying has health benefits?
You see, shedding tears is a two way thing. It’s either tears of joy or tears of sorrow. Either ways there are amazing health benefits you can get or always get, when you shed tears.
Do you want to find them out? I bet you do. Let’s find out together.

1. Brightens your mood

Most of the times we cry is when, something bad or negative has happened. Crying when down, can improve your mood and help your mental health more than you can imagine.
According to a study from the prestigious University of South Florida, it was shown that crying can be soothen your brain and elevate mood better than any drug or antidepressant available. The shedding of tears improved the mood of almost everyone that was tested, just see.
They discovered that in ninety percent of the people who cried. While the remaining ten percent  reported crying made them feel worse. But people who have mental or mood disorders are less likely to experience the a better mood you derive from shedding tears.
Thus, you can cry as you like when you are feeling down. It will help you feel better and generally improve your health.

2. Kills harmful bacteria in your eyes

Sometimes we put our fingers into our eyes when they itch,without even knowing. Bacteria can spread into your eyes. But crying can help you.

Yes, crying can also help you eliminate harmful bacteria, that are present in your eyes. This is due to the presence of a substance called lysozyme. It can also be found in the milk, semen and saliva of humans. This lysozyme is very effective in killing bacteria.  According to a study published in the journal Food Microbiology, it was shown that tears have such strong antimicrobial and antibacterial strength that can even protect against the contamination of some diseases.
Whoa! I feel like crying.
3. Relieves you of pain and stress
When you cry after undergoing a lot of stress. You can get rid of the stress-causing chemicals by crying. Cortisol, a hormone produced to increase stress, releases this chemicals. A study conducted by Dr. William H. Frey II, a biochemist and director of the Psychiatry Research Laboratories at the St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Centre, discovered that  tears caused by stress and tears caused by natural irritants e.g cutting an onion are not exactly the same. He also found out that toxic substances are released from the body when we cry. Many of the chemicals that are released during emotional crying are  prolactin, adrenocorticotropic hormones, and  leucine-enkephalin, which all reduces pain.


Health benefits of crying

4. Improves your eyesight

Tears can cleanse the eyeballs and generally improve your eyesight and vision. If the membranes in your eyes become dehydrated, your vision may get blurred. According to the National Eye Institute tears keeps the eye moist, and wash away dust and debris.

This doesn’t mean you should cry during every harmattan or dusty weather.

5. Improves you psychologically


As a humans being, crying can help you express yourself in the face of conflict and disagreement.
Crying from the heart can evoke actions or memories that could improve your mental and psychological health. Whenever you cry, you end up thinking deeply and emotionally.
In relationships, crying can settle a quarrel, help you express a feeling that can be done in words.
Bottom line
Human beings are fragile just like their eyeballs. Cry when you have to, it will greatly improve your mental, physical and emotional health. And that would make me very happy.
If you think your heart is too cold or too strong to cry, just start chopping onions and benefit too. Lol.
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