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4 Good Reasons Why Nigeria Will beat Lassa fever

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Reasons why Nigeria will beat Lassa fever
 Lassa fever has caused panic among Nigerians, they deadly virus has been spreading and putting fear into the minds to every good Nigerian.
  Is Lassa fever going to become a severe national epidemic? Or Will Nigeria beat Lassa fever?. Well I am optimistic that Nigeria will defeat Lassa fever and I have 4 good reasons of being optimistic.
First of all, what is the statistic so far?
It was recently published that the
Lassa fever outbreak has so far had 76 suspected cases, 35 deaths and   46 percent fatal cases recorded in seven states in the past six weeks.
Enough of the long talk, now let’s find out the good reasons why we will beat Lassa fever.
1. Awareness by Social Media outlets
The level of awareness created by various social media outlets on Lassa fever has been outstanding.
I can boldly say that about 85 percent of Nigerians has heard about Lassa fever, and at least 60 percent has known the prevention tips.
Nigerians know how to create awareness. From news seen on televisions and news network to the useful information heard on radios. The message is being spread highly.
Additionally, the prevention methods have been spreading online. Online social media forums and websites have been dishing out great tips. Health bloggers and even non health bloggers have also shared the message.
When you know so much about an enemy, the chances of being defeated decreases. And they say that a problem shared is a problem half solved.
  With this level of awareness, I am optimistic and you too should be optimistic that we will defeat the Lassa fever virus.
2. The federal government
The federal government and the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) have been working hand in hand on how to stop the Lassa fever epidemic spreading across the country.
It is very commendable to note that the ministry of health, NMA and the federal government have all risen up and are putting effort on this matter so far, since the notification of the disease came to their attention.

If the federal government, and the health ministry are concerned about you getting infected with Lassa fever, you have every reason to be sure that the disease is as good as gone.

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3. We have experience

Do you know that these is not the first Lassa fever outbreak Nigeria has experienced? After it was discovered in 1969, there has been cases of Lassa fever in 2012 and 2013.
Early in the year 2012, Nigeria had an outbreak of Lassa fever. As of March 22, 2012, 623 suspected cases, including 70 deaths had been recorded from 19 of the 36 States of Nigeria.
During that period, the federal and state governments responded to the epidemic by enhancing the disease surveillance for early detection, reinforcing treatment of patients, and creating numerous awareness campaigns among the affected populace.

It also occurred in 2013. With so much experience on Lassa fever you can be sure that this epidemic will pass away.

4. We defeated Ebola
When Ebola came, it looked very unsurmountable. It had a higher fatality rate. And caused a much greater ruckus than Lassa fever.
Regardless of all of that, Nigeria still defeated one of the most deadliest diseases of the twenty first century.
It was so spectacular that many countries commended our effort.
You can be very sure that Lassa fever will also be defeated and beaten.
What you should do now?
Don’t relax till these epidemic has been defeated completely, continue to keep an eye and stay very healthy.
Make sure you practice the prevention tips and keep telling people about the virus.
Thank you so much for taking our time to read. Comment on what you think below and don’t forget to share this optimistic message with everyone you know.

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