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10 Spectacular Ways To Increase Your Sperm Count

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How to increase your sperm count
As a man, your sperm is so important to you, except if you are a eunuch. Sperm is essential for the growth of the human race. It is very important for you to know howtoincrease your spermcount.
Is increasing your sperm count important at all? And if it is, how can you increase your sperm count?
We’ll consider this soon enough.
First of all, does sperm count mean?
Sperm count is a measure of the number of spermatozoa per ejaculation or rather the measured amount of semen, used as an indication of a man’s fertility.
Why is increasing your sperm important?
Am sure you might be thinking, if increasing your sperm count is really relevant? Well, having a lot of sperm is very good for your health and here are the reasons:
1. Increased sperm count also means you have increased chances of having a baby.
2. Also, increased number of sperm will likely lead to increased libido or sexual drive.
3. Boost your ego. Well if you are able to shoot loads of semen, you are definitely going to be confident.
Now, you know why increasing your sperm is great for you, you should want to find out how you can increase your sperm count.
How to increase your sperm count

Ways to increase your sperm count

There are many ways you can increase your sperm count, it simply involves doing some things and avoid some other things.
Now let’s look at 10 spectacular ways to increase your sperm count.

1. Eat a lot of Bananas

Bananas look like your penis, so they are supposed to help your penis. Lol, just kidding. Actually, bananas contain an enzyme, called bromeliad. This enzymes helps in the regulation and production of sex hormones.
They also have of other great vitamins that also help in sperm production.

2. Don’t wear tight pants or shorts

The reason your testicles are hanging outside your body is because they need to stay cool always. When you wear tight boxers and shorts your testicles get too heated, and they aren’t able to produce as much sperm. If you don’t want to get your testicles overheated, you should not wear tight pants and jeans.
Wear loose, cotton boxer shorts instead of briefs.
Allow air to get in there once in a while.

3. Stop placing laptops on your lap

Laptop maybe for the lap, but placing the laptop on your lap while using it will destroy your sperm.
Like I earlier said, overheating isn’t good for your sperms. The heat generated from the laptop are roasting your delicate sperms. Make sure you use a pillow or a desk when using your laptop.

4. Eat more garlic

Garlic is a super healthy food, It contains two good substances that aid sperm production.
First, selenium, an antioxidant that doesn’t just increase sperm production but also sperm motility.
Second, allicin, which increases blood flow to the reproductive organs.
Garlic is also an aphrodisiac. Note that, it should be taken moderately, because excessive garlic can be harmful.

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5. Drink enough water

Water is the most important diet in sperm production. Your sperm is made up of water and drinking enough water will increase the volume and overall sperm count.

6. Exercise and lose weight

Every healthy person should exercise because it’s always good. Exercising will also increase your sperm count.
A study showed that men who exercised for more than 6 hours weekly had more concentration of sperm than men who exercised less than an hour weekly.
Also try to lose weight, people who are obese are mostly not fertile. Try to engage in physical activity once in a while, you can also learn how to lose weight without exercising.

7. Eat tomatoes and spicy foods

It was shown that consuming tomatoes, peppers and spicy foods will help the motility, production and effectiveness of your sperm.
They contain the popular and powerful antioxidant called lycopene.
This amazing substance can increase your sperm up to 70 percent.

8. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket

Radiation is emitted from your mobile phone all the time, these are in form of electromagnetic waves. Keeping your phone in your pocket cause your sperm to be destroyed by the radiation. I admit, it is the most comfortable place to keep your mobile phone. It’s either you reduce the amount of time your phone stays in your pocket or you keep your phone somewhere else.

9. Don’t smoke

Stop smoking, simple and short.
What smoking does to your sperm is horrible. Smoking cigarettes will cause sperm counts to be low, makes them move very slow, and also affects their morphology. According to one study, men who smoke  more often have 22% fewer sperm than men who don’t. Smoking marijuana us equally bad for the sperm. If you want to boost your count, don’t smoke.

10. Rest regularly

If you work for long hours, and normally get tired, be careful because
stress and anxiety can decrease your sexual function, which results to lower sperm production.
Stress hormones also inhibit the activity of Leydig cells, which regulates testosterone production.
Don’t let your body experience much stress. Make sure you rest and sleep regularly.

Thanks for reading.

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