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6 Pivotal Health Tips for Maintaining Good Hearing

Health Tips For Maintaining Good Hearing
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The human ear is a very important organ of the body, majorly responsible for two key functions; hearing and balance. The ear detects and transmits sound to the brain for interpretation. In addition to this very special function of hearing, the ear is also responsible for maintaining balance. This is why you will feel a level of disorientation if you have water stuck in your ear for some time.

Hearing is one of the five senses and, therefore, a very important component of maintaining a complete state of health. Considering how important hearing is to our overall well-being, you will agree with me that the onus falls on us to maintain a healthy ear and hearing. Some tips will help us maintain a healthy hearing, which will be shared below.

To preserve your hearing, you must protect the organ responsible for it; the ear. Below are very important tips that will help to maintain a healthy hearing.

1. Avoid loud noise or use an earpiece or earplug in a noisy place

Noise is detrimental to hearing. Exposure of the ear to loud noise such as noise blaring from loudspeakers or working machines can culminate in hearing loss after some time. Therefore it is advised to use earplugs or headphones when working or staying around a noisy environment.

A noise is too loud enough to damage your hearing if you must raise your voice to talk to other people, hurts your ears or you experience ringing in your ears or muffled hearing afterwards.

2. Do not use cotton bud to clean your ear

This sounds difficult for many people considering how accustomed people have become to using cotton buds to clean their ears. But it is a necessary tip to maintain a healthy hearing because the ears are self-cleaning organs and need no extra help. The use of cotton bud can upset the natural settings of the ear and even introduce foreign objects into the ear that could lead to an ear infection.

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3. Regulate your use of earpiece or airpods while listening to music

The earbud or earpiece usually fits into your ear and sit directly touching your eardrum. This will drastically increase the danger of noise-induced hearing loss. It is important to your ears to keep the volume very low when you use one or switch to a headphone that doesn’t fit directly into the ear. When hearing is lost due to exposure of the ears to loud noise, it is practically impossible to regain hearing again.

4. Do not take unprescribed medications

Research has shown that some drugs can cause hearing loss when they are taken without following prescribed medical guide. It’s imperative, therefore, to follow strictly with doctor prescriptions and not resort to self-medication.

Medications that cause hearing loss are called ototoxic medicines. They are a common cause of hearing loss, particularly in older adults who take these ototoxic medicine on a regular basis.

5. Do not leave your ear wet

It’s very important to always dry the ears when they’re wet, and this is so because when the ear is wet, it allows for easier assimilation of bacteria, which can lead to an ear infection, which could ultimately hamper hearing. Always ensure you dry your ears using a towel after bathing or swimming, especially in a public pool.

6. Regular exercise

This is an extremely important tip for maintaining healthy hearing because when you exercise, the heart pumps more blood all over the body, including the ears. This will help the internal part of the ear stay healthy and help your body maintain proper physical and mental balance. When you engage in exercise, your body is protected against age-related inflammation, and cardiovascular health is boosted.  Exercising every day improves hearing health, and fights against age-related hearing loss. Some exercises for hearing health include jogging, hiking, cycling and high intensity exercises.

Health Tips For Maintaining Good Hearing

Maintaining a healthy hearing comes down to taking the necessary measures as listed above to ensure the ears are protected from any form of danger, especially from loud noise. Other ways in which the ear’s health can be ensured is to allow the ear to heal after exposure to loud noise and reduce stress levels.

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