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The Healthy Man’s Guide to Testosterone

Healthy Man's Guide to Testosterone
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According to experts, testosterone is a dominant hormone in men that controls their behavior, psychology, sex drive, and reproduction. Most people associate testosterone with fertility. However, it’s essential for energy, wellbeing, muscle strength, and strong bones. The benefits of properly functioning testosterone levels are endless. The hormonal imbalance is highly related to poor lifestyle and genetics. If the production of the hormones is either low or in surplus, it affects normal body functions in men. It’s advisable to seek help once your testosterone level declines and have a boost. Your body needs it for various reasons like:


The hormones provide you with building blocks to gain physical density in bones and muscle tissue. Maintaining your hormonal balances boost your strength and fitness. Physicians advise against excessive use of the hormone in bodybuilding to avoid its side effects like infertility.

Sex drive

Your testosterone level directly affects your sex life. Those with hormonal imbalance are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, eventually leading to low libido.

Maintain good health

Experts find a link between the hormone and neurotransmitters that govern your mood and sense of wellbeing. Making it hard to determine the cause of the hormonal deficiency; thus, it’s best to treat all symptoms. Treating the condition increases your chances of living a healthy life.

Signs you have low testosterone

The symptoms are numerous and vary in every individual. They include low libido, erectile dysfunction, reduced strength muscle, and mass, etc. It’s vital to be honest with your doctor to ensure they put you on the proper medication. Though it’s embarrassing for men to discuss bedroom affairs, it guarantees them that hormonal tests are conducted to avoid being misdiagnosed. Taking antidepressants aggravates the situation due to their effect on neurotransmitters.

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Is there any solution?

If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, you can get treated. Though the deficiency sounds scary, treatment methods have been successful. Your treatment increases testosterone levels which impact affected areas to improve general health. Some symptoms respond fast, while others take time. Regardless of what your physician recommends, the best treatment depends on your lifestyle. Depending on your condition, there are numerous ways of administering suitable treatment methods.

Natural ways to boost your testosterone

It’s essential to increase your hormone levels naturally since using artificial means could affect your health. Make it your priority to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below are some proposed lifestyle behaviors to emulate.

1. Find your balance

If you are suffering from hormonal deficiency, physicians advise finding a lifestyle suitable for your condition. Observing a healthy lifestyle ensures you maximize your chances of maintaining normal hormonal levels. Include all sensible stuff in your routine like moderate exercise, a balanced diet, and keeping away from drugs and substance abuse.

2. Take the proper medication

Doctors advise using certain anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety supplements due to their positive impact on neurotransmitters. Vitamin D and fish oil are the most effective supplements for prevention purposes and not treatment.

3. Exercise to burn extra calories

Excess calories and increased body weight harm your health, and they can contribute to hormone deficiency. Weight loss has a significant impact on your hormone production, resulting in sustained hormonal levels. It’s important to remain active and physically fit.

4. Avoid drugs and substance abuse

Drugs can wreak havoc in your body, especially painkillers, which interfere with neurotransmitters and pituitary glands. Additionally, substance abuse alters your brain chemistry affecting the neurotransmitters. Avoid all drugs unless it’s a prescription from your doctor that’s necessary.

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5. Avoid alcohol

Maintaining balanced hormones ensures you stay healthy. Alcohol alters hormonal production by a short-term boost and reduces total output in the long run. Other issues associated with alcohol consumption include poor sleep patterns, which results in less muscle and more fat.

6. Eat a balanced diet

Hormones rely on food as fuel for more production. Although fats are considered necessary for this hormone production, people consume them excessively. While carb production impairs hormone production, insufficient calories limit its function. Ensure you take all nutrients in moderation to enhance the production and operations of the hormone.

7. Spice up your meals

According to a study, spicy foods increase hormones. However, this is yet to be proved. You can take the risk and add spice to your food for increased libido and more prolonged erection.


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