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7 Healthy Things To Do While Pregnant

Healthy Things To Do While Pregnant
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Pregnancy can be an exciting experience and many women, especially first-time mothers. However, many pregnant women are unsure of activities that would optimize their health during that period.

Many pregnant women globally are in constant search of ways to maximize their health and the health of their babies. This article provides you with a list of healthy things to do while pregnant, and you can find them below.

Healthy Things To Do While Pregnant

Below are some of the healthy things you should do while pregnant.

1. Maintain A Healthy Diet

One of the healthy things to do while pregnant is to eat a nutritious diet. After all, the food you eat is the primary source of nutrition for your child.

It’s pretty normal to give in to your cravings now and then during pregnancy. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that you’ll only need 300 calories per day. 

To avoid consuming microorganisms that could harm you or your baby, ensure you receive enough protein and calcium daily. Also, it would help if you avoided deli meats.

2. Accept The Pleasures Of Sex

First off, it’s safe to have sex while pregnant unless your doctor advises you not to.

Sex with your partner during pregnancy is usually very pleasurable. It’s also an excellent way to boost the bonding experience with your other half quickly. 

Many pregnant women engage in sex regularly to improve their overall physical and mental health. It can also help to ease discomfort and pain caused by pregnancy. 

You can also engage in sex if you’re finding it hard to get good sleep. This coital activity is the ultimate mood-booster and can help ease postpartum recovery.

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3. Reduce Stress

Pregnancy can be very stressful, but it could be worse if you add to that stress. Hence, you should try as much as possible to reduce or avoid things that would stress you. Get enough sleep, get regular massages, and relax often.

4. Attend Your Prenatal Care Appointments

Women should seek prenatal care frequently. Mothers who don’t receive regular prenatal care are more likely to give birth to an underweight child. If group prenatal care is available, take advantage of it.

5. Take A Prenatal Vitamin Every Day

Taking a daily prenatal multivitamins can help ensure that you and your baby get the appropriate amount of essential nutrients. This is because pregnant women require essential minerals like iron, folic acid, and calcium.

6. Take Care Of Your Skin

It’s important to take care of your skin while pregnant. For example, the skin is more susceptible to sunburn and chloasma during pregnancy. Therefore, it’s crucial to wear a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 or higher and avoid tanning beds. Furthermore, you should avoid the hot sun, use moisturising soaps, and always stay hydrated. In addition, you should also take care of your feet during pregnancy.

7. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is important during pregnancy because it improves your posture and decreases some common pregnancy discomforts such as backaches and fatigue. Medical research have suggested that engaging in physical activities may prevent gestational diabetes, which is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. It can also relieve stress, and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery. There are so many exercises you can do during pregnancy.

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Unhealthy Things To Avoid While Pregnant

While there are some healthy things to do during pregnancy, you should avoid a few things throughout your pregnancy.

1. Avoid Consuming Alcoholic Beverages

Consumption of any alcoholic beverage is one of the things to avoid while pregnant. Alcohol can cross the placenta and harm the growing fetus if consumed.

2. Don’t Smoke Or Use Illegal Substances

Smoking during pregnancy increases your chances of having a miscarriage. It can also increase your baby’s chances of birth deformities, early birth, low birth weight, infant death, and learning difficulties. One of the significant risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome is smoking.


Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling, however, it comes with adjustments and lifestyle changes. It is imperative to adhere to these healthy things to do while pregnant, so you can protect yourself and your baby.

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