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How Playing Solitaire Can Improve Your Brain And Overall Health

Solitaire improve brain health
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Solitaire is a terrific method to keep your mind fresh, in addition to being one of the most popular games in the world. Studies have shown that playing brain teaser games, such as solitaire can help stimulate your brain and boost your cognitive functions. However, there are much more benefits that can be derived from playing solitaire.

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can get from playing the game.

1. Keep your brain at peak performance

Crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and solitaire have long been popular among seniors trying to keep their minds sharp. Even if people didn’t understand it while playing, the games are considered brain training exercises (BTG). As you get older it gets more important to challenge your brain, so it won’t become dull. Solitaire is a game that assists you in doing just that. It was recently reported that playing card games, like solitaire can enhance brain function, and even help you live longer.

2. Recharge your mental batteries

Some people turn on the TV or watch a Netflix repeat of their favorite movie to unwind, but Solitaire tends to have the same calming effect for people. Your mind is lightly occupied when you’re watching TV, so you’re not thinking about all of your troubles. Solitaire is an excellent alternative and it trans your strategic thinking as well. Your mind is occupied to the point that you won’t think about anything else while playing the game, but it isn’t unduly stimulated to the point where you’ll feel tired afterward.

3. Become anxiety-free

Your mind is on high alert when you’re worried. When worried, your mind continues to run amok, and stopping it will be tough. Many people nowadays suffer from different levels of anxiety, and they’ve developed a range of coping mechanisms to deal with it. One of the most popular methods is meditation. During meditation, you can utilize simple breathing methods to calm your mind. All extraneous noise goes away as your concentration is focused on the breath coming in and out during these breathing exercises. Playing solitaire works in a similar way. It helps you focus on a specific thing and distracts you from your anxiety for a while, which relaxes you overall.

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4. Get rid of the everyday dullness

If you’re bored, you’ve almost certainly realized that you’ll grow upset at some point. It turns out that we humans despise boredom. Boredom isn’t as prevalent these days as it was in the past. One of the most well-known people who has kept boredom at bay by playing solitaire is Napoleon. He was exiled to St. Helena, a little island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in 1814. He allegedly spent much of his day playing solitaire since he had nothing better to do. Playing a game of solitaire can be a great way to stave off boredom.

5. Relax and unwind on a daily basis

Solitaire may have a relaxing effect on most people. The mind is relaxed when it is focused on a single object and that’s exactly what you do when playing solitaire. When you’re at this stage of light meditation, you naturally relax more, and tension is released from your body as a consequence. This not only relaxes you, but it also helps you sleep better, allowing you to make better decisions in your daily life. If you had a stressful day at your job, playing solitaire is one of the healthy ways to unwind after work.

Where can you play Solitaire?

As you know, Solitaire has a number of benefits on your mental health. Fortunately, there are a few options to play solitaire. Here are two options we recommend:

  • Online-Solitaire is an excellent choice with clean graphics and fun gameplay.
  • Solitaire Bliss has both a web and app game where you can create an account and track your records. 
  • Solitaired has a FreeCell game with a game of the day to challenge you and exercise your brain. 
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Solitaire is not only fun to play, but it also comes with a lot of mental benefits.  favorite place to play this timeless classic is on Online Solitaire, a website where you can play free online games like Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell. Online Solitaire is a straightforward website. When the site opens up, a new game of solitaire begins, and the timer begins when you move the first card. If you find the timer, score, and movements to be excessively competitive, you can turn them off in the options. With over one million users playing over four million solitaire games each month, the website is one of the most popular solitaire websites. The game’s style is clean and modern, yet it manages to keep the feel of classic solitaire games from the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. The game itself is similar to most traditional patience games you’ve played before.

The gameplay itself is excellent. The animations are nice, and as a card is brought up to the foundation, there are even minor celebration motions.

All of the games are free to play, and with all of the site’s amazing features, it’s difficult not to play a round of solitaire. You can start your day off by exercising your brain with their daily challenges. There’s no chance of getting an unwinnable daily challenge, so there’s no need to lose that day! You can even keep track of your progress using the daily challenge calendar. If you don’t know what to do next, you can always use the hints button to get a suggestion, which will help you get closer to winning the game.

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To sum it all up, Online Solitaire is a fantastic place to play solitaire. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is if you’ll wind up spending too much time playing solitaire in front of the computer. To keep your mind fresh, we recommend playing a few games each day.

We’ve teamed up with the people at Online Solitaire to create a custom solitaire game that you can play for free below.

Have a blast!

If you enjoy youmustgethealthy Solitaire, try Spider Solitaire and Freecell!


Holger Sindbaek is a designer-turned-developer from Copenhagen, Denmark. He’s done a slew of different things in his career, the biggest one being co-founding a venture-backed startup focused on creating a marketplace for sneakers and streetwear. These days he runs Online Solitaire, a website where people play solitaire games for free.

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