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5 Healthy Ways To Protect Your Bladder

Healthy ways to protect the bladder
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The bladder is the organ that controls the release of urine from the body. It receives urine from the kidney, stores it, and releases it through the urethra for disposal. It is a very vital organ because of the critical role it plays in maintaining health.

The bladder, just like every other organ in the human body, requires care and protection if it must perform it’s function optimally. Therefore, It’s imperative to protect the bladder against dysfunction or damage of any kind.  Along with that, there are 5 best practices or ways through which we can protect the bladder.

5 Healthy Ways to Protect Your Bladder

Healthy ways to protect the bladder

Healthy ways to protect your bladder

The following are some basic information on how to keep your bladder healthy.

1. Take plenty of fluids

The more fluid you drink, the healthier the bladder will be. Drinking alot of fluids, especially water, will help your body stay hydrated and help the kidney to flush out toxins more efficiently from your body through the bladder. When you drink adequate water regularly, you help your bladder to discharge bacteria that could otherwise pose a threat to the normal workings of the bladder.


2. Avoid smoking

The negative impact of smoking on health cannot be overemphasized. The bladder is also at the risk of being negatively impacted by smoking. Therefore, to protect the bladder, it is advised to stay away from smoking and make efforts to quit if a person is already a smoker. Statistics show that a Smoker is twice more likely to be diagnosed for bladder cancer than a non-smoker. Smoking weakens the immune system, which makes it difficult for the body to fight infections that attacks the urinary tract as well as the bladder.

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3. Empty your bladder promptly and never hold back urine

When you feel the urge to urinate, It means the bladder is full and ready to be emptied. It is strongly advised you do so immediately to protect your bladder against bladder infections. When you hold back urine, you weaken your bladder muscles and place yourself at risk of developing bladder diseases and also increase your risk of developing urinary incontinence, as it is causes of urinary incontinence.

The bladder works together with the kidney to expel liquid waste from the body; therefore, failing to urinate when you feel the urge will also negatively affect your kidneys.

4. Urinate after sex

It’s important for both men and women to take a pee after sex as a way to protect their bladder against bacteria infections. This is so because the urethra, which is the pipe that conducts urine from the bladder, is also actively involved during sex. If a person fails to urinate after sex, the bacteria exchange during sex can be passed through the urethra into the bladder, and this could lead to varying degrees of bladder diseases. Make it a constant practice to always empty your bladder immediately after having sex. Doing so will reduce your chances of getting an STD, as well as keep your bladder clean.

5. Limit alcohol and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol intake can cause an increase in the production of urine, leading to an overactive bladder. This unnatural surge of liquid waste caused by alcohol can irritate the walls of the bladder and lead to cases of urine incontinence(inability to control urine). Sweet caffeinated drinks such as soda(Coke, Fanta, Pepsi, etc.), coffee, or tea usually contain plenty of sugar, and this can cause or support the growth of bacteria within the bladder. Therefore, It is highly advised to limit or totally stay away from such drinks as a way to keep the bladder healthy.

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Bottom Line

Maintaining a healthy bladder is key to experiencing a healthy life, especially as we age. The health of the bladder is directly and indirectly linked to the workings of other vital organs in the body, such as the kidney. Therefore, taking steps to protect the bladder is a task everyone must consciously undertake. Make lifestyle changes and imbibe beneficial practices. Both you and your bladder will be glad you did.


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