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Have You Heard Of Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Pens?

Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Pens
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Most people are aware of the benefits of essential oils, even the most skeptical will happily use them, although perhaps only if it is just using a little eucalyptus when they have a cold to help clear their sinuses. 

For a great number of people, essential oils are more than just something that smells a pretty or that can help relieve symptoms of a head cold. They are a complimentary treatment that can help improve your quality of life. While it’s true they won’t fix all of life’s little ills, they can certainly help you feel more alive, more relaxed, help you sleep peacefully or increase your sense of wellbeing. They have even been shown to be effective at reducing anxiety and increasing the sleep quality of ICU patients


Are Essential Oils Safe?

Assuming that you are a physically and mentally healthy adult with no underlying conditions such as kidney disease, pregnancy or heart problems, the vast majority of essential oils are safe for you to use. However, this also depends on how you use them. It is generally not recommended to use pure essential oils directly on your skin or to consume them (this includes adding a few teaspoons of peppermint essential oil to your tea!). 

However, when they are blended with carrier oils and come from a reputable source you will find that the ways you can safely use oils to your benefit increases. 

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

One of the most common methods is to ‘burn’ a few drops in an essential oil burner. Generally, these have a tealight candle burning in the base, with a bowl that is filled with water. 3 or so drops of the blend are added to the water and as the water heats the oils will slowly evaporate and infuse your home or office. 

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Of course, this isn’t a particularly portable method. 

Another popular option is to simply use the blend as a perfume, dabbing a little on your skin or breathing in from tissue as needed. 

Which leads to the third method which is gaining in popularity because of the no-mess, easy to use and highly portable nature – Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Pens. Reading through this website information will give you a more in-depth understanding.

Isn’t A Pen Just Another Word For Vaping?

Diffuser pens and vaping have little in common. For starters, the point behind vaping is generally to consume nicotine, and there is no nicotine product in a diffuser pen. Vapes also have a range of artificial flavours, which will not be found in an organic diffuser pen. .

Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Pens

So, What Is The Point?

Just as vaping will give a nicotine addict a ‘hit’, an essential oil diffuser pen will give a pick-me-up. While with vaping, e-cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes the user is inhaling the substance into their lungs in order to allow the nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream, a diffuser pen is not inhaled. 

 With the essential oil pen, you breath-in but it is more of a ‘suck’ so that you bring the aroma into your mouth rather than your lungs, then you breathe out through your nose. The scent and the properties of the essential oil can then work their magic. 

What Will They Do To Me?

Again assuming that you are a healthy adult with no underlying health conditions, you will find that each diffuser will have a slightly different effect on you, and some people may find that they have stronger reactions than others.  

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You will likely see that they all have a base of vegetable glycerin, which helps prevent drying out as well as aiding in ensuring that the product is blended together. However, the only other ingredients will usually be organic essential oils blended in optimum amounts to create not just a really lovely scent, but to help create the sense of well being that you are after. 

For example, research here has shown that Rosemary has been shown to give more energy and a feeling of freshness, but it may also raise blood pressure. 

Whereas organic Lavender essential oil is commonly used to aid with sleep, as well as a mosquito deterrent, when combined with Lemongrass (often used to reduce stress levels and help regulate blood pressure) and Grapefruit (enjoyed for its anxiety-reducing effects) is can create a sense of peaceful well-being that lends itself well to promoting positive dreams and a restful sleep

Because the pens are easy to carry around you always have the effect you want when you need it, which is perfect for people who travel and need a good sleep or people who suffer from anxiety. Even if you just need a pick me up before a meeting or a boost before a public-speaking event. 



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