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How To Help Someone Struggling With A Drug Addiction?

How To Help Someone Struggling With A Drug Addiction?
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Addiction of any kind is injurious to the physical, mental, or emotional health of an individual. Addiction is not rocket science or has some typical symptoms that it takes to develop. Any compulsive chemical with a tendency to manipulate the brain receptor can lead to addiction. Every year more than 50,000 deaths are resulting due to drug overdoses. The figure itself is proof that drug addiction is serious, and if we do not take steps to stop or overcome it, it might lead us to lose a loved one.

People who have fallen victim to the drugs are always eager to find more. In reality, they are escaping the real. Still, they are chasing that ecstasy they experienced with their ever first use. The brain persuades the individual to try everything to reach that kind of pleasure. Initially, they start with an ordinary substance, but they keep changing the number of doses or use other potent substances—their desire to want more leads to an overdose of drugs. Many people try to quit their addiction, but the brain receptors adapt to that specific chemical through drugs. That is why many drug addicts face the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.

Drug addiction does not bound to one particular kind of age group. We might not know, and someone dear to us may fall victim to it. The constant use of drugs brings changes in the physical well-being of a person. It also changes their behavioral response, and many people become aggressive. Many countries are reaching out to help the drug addicts through rehabilitation centers, arranging medical camps, or spreading awareness. One of the challenging tasks is to convince a person to seek help or visit a rehabilitation center. If you happen to live in San Diego or its vicinity, you can reach out to San Diego Rehab to help a person with the addiction. 

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Besides taking the person to a rehabilitation center, here are a few suggestions that you can consider while extending your support to a drug addict.

How To Help Someone Struggling With A Drug Addiction?


We have heard the word addiction many times, but many of us might not even know what it is and how it works. Before you can offer a helping hand to a drug addict, it is wise to understand the addiction itself. Having appropriate knowledge about the issue will give you an edge when offering support to the person. Understanding how addiction affects a person can prove beneficial for both you and the person needing help. You can also identify the signs with the assistance of your prior knowledge and can save the person from a deadly situation like an overdose.


Counseling is a mandatory part of rehabilitation programs for addicts when they visit establishments like these detox centers in Salem Oregon for treatment. However, counseling is not only for the addict themselves. Dealing with a drug addict and reaching out to help them can take a toll on you as well. Working with an addiction victim, you may face aggression from them, or they might project their tantrums at you. Getting help from a counselor will not only help you cope with the stress you have endured, but they will also assist you with techniques to utilize while helping an addict. You can only help the person going through addiction if you are in a stable mental and physical state.


The moment you decide to be there for your loved one suffering from addiction, know that you cannot lecture them. A person with high addiction habits does not pay heed to the long lectures; they will hardly listen to you. While you are talking through them, try to be realistic in your talks and the expectations you have about them. Do not anticipate them to fulfill their promises if they make you one. There are high chances that a person will fall into relapse. You will have to consider such possibilities before you can talk through their addiction.

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The person addicted to drugs will never want to lose the stuff he has. He or she might pile up the things before it runs out. One of the supporting methods is to stop their finances or money sources. Many addicts spend their money on food or commute in buying drugs. If your friend or the person addicted to drugs tell they need money to buy something, do not lend them money. It is better to get the things they need instead of giving them hard cash. Giving cash will only provide them an opportunity to buy drugs if they have not used any recently.


As a person helping someone with an addiction, you might face a lot of resistance and denial from the victim. There will be jiffies when you wish to stop talking to them. No matter how hard it gets for you, remember that they are still the same person you care for besides all the challenges. You might be the only person concerned about their well-being. Talking to them will give them a sense of belonging, and they might open up to you slowly gradually. Communication helps a lot in removing the barriers and getting the person to get some extra help once they have someone to trust.


A person fallen victim to drugs faces a lot of hatred and bashing from the society. It is not their fault; deep inside, they want to quit, but the compulsion is not letting them stop. You cannot treat or help these individuals by punishment or harsh behaviors. These individuals are going through physical, emotional, and mental trauma. Compassion and care can take your efforts a long way while helping the person to overcome addiction. Letting these people know that they have someone who looks after them might encourage them to develop quitting drugs.

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Addiction is one of the horrors that ruins not only one life but many. A person facing addiction destroys his or her health, but they also waste their familial well-being. Many families give up on their loved ones as they do not see any improvement. However, recovering from addiction takes years, depending on how strong it has rooted inside a person. With detoxification therapies, rehabilitation programs, and constant support from loved ones, drug addicts can lead a sober lifestyle. All you need to do is always keep a check on them. A little perseverance can lead to fruitful results.

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