Is Hemp the Doorway to Health?

Hemp seeds pack a powerful punch when it comes to nutrition. They are high in protein and are a great source of Omega-3, an essential fatty acid. They also provide a dose of some of your essential daily vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin E, to name a few. 

Along with its broad nutritional profile, there has also been much talk of the possible health benefits of CBD, a chemical compound found in hemp. CBD does not provide the psychoactive effect associated with some strains of the cannabis plant. This ‘high’ is linked to the compound THC, which is cultivated to have higher levels in psychoactive strains of the plant known for their recreational use. Hemp, on the other hand, is a strain of the cannabis plant, which is cultivated differently and contains a maximum of 0.3% THC. It contains higher levels of a different chemical compound, CBD. 

Why is everyone talking about CBD?

Is Hemp the Doorway to Health?

CBD has been widely celebrated in recent years and has been linked to a plethora of possible health benefits. Research into many of these proposed benefits is not wholly conclusive and is still in its early stages. However, positive anecdotal experiences with the compound have been enough to revolutionize the health and wellness industry, with CBD products garnering increasing popularity. CBD is now an ingredient in a growing number of mainstream health, wellness, and beauty products and treatments. It is even being used by some spas as part of their treatment packages. 

There are several ways to consume these products, among them inhaling is distinguished. Products like vapes and hemp cigarettes are considered to be the well-known forms of hemp-derived products and due to some benefits keep gaining ground. In comparison with a tobacco cigarette, the hemp one doesn’t have the same effect on health as it doesn’t contain chemical components and addictive substances like nicotine. This method is considered to be one of the popular ways to consume the plant and take advantage of its positive effects on health.

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If scientific research proves even half of CBD’s supposed benefits to be true, it would be an exciting prospect for a variety of illnesses and ailments. On-going research is exploring possible uses of CBD for alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative conditions. However, CBD may also have benefits for more every-day health problems such as anxiety, pain, menstrual cramps, depression, and insomnia. With this in mind, a variety of health and wellness brands have incorporated CBD into their product lines, meaning that it has never been easier to try out CBD and see what it might do for you. Be sure to do your research before investing and check out any possible interactions with medication. If you’re looking to cultivate hemp yourself, whether for CBD extraction or for the nutritional power of Hemp seeds, you can find certified hemp seed for sale, cultivated with the lowest levels of THC in line with federal guidelines. 

Healthy for you and for the planet

Hemp doesn’t only have health benefits for us. It also has the potential to play a pivotal role in sustainability initiatives seeking to improve the health of our planet and safeguard its future. 

Agriculture can be a significant contributor to climate change, and environmentalists are looking for alternative crops and ways of farming, which could promote a more sustainable future. Hemp seems to be a wonder plant which can be used to make a whole host of products that are traditionally made using less sustainable crops, such as cotton and soya. Hemp can even be used to manufacture a natural and biodegradable alternative to plastics, making it a potential global game-changer in the fight against climate change and plastic pollution. The capacity for materials which can be produced using hemp are numerous and extraordinary. This seemingly humble little plant represents a powerhouse of possibility, and it’s only just getting started. There are myriad mind-blowing ways in which hemp could replace harmful industrial and agricultural products and could be a gamechanger for our planet. 

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Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your own health and wellbeing, or you’re a champion of the Health of our planet, hemp is clearly the one to watch. 


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