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8 Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage This Lockdown

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage This Lockdown
Written by Collins Nwokolo

2020 has been a very challenging year, and we are only in the sixth month. We had barely started the year before we became embattled in a pandemic, which, so far, shows no sign of slowing, with no vaccines proving effective yet. The only thing we can do is to keep our distance to limit the speed of the virus. That is why governments all over the world have placed their states on lockdown. 

Lockdown, which is one of the many words and concepts we got used to this year, has no doubt taken a toll on us all in one form or the other. Many of us are used to going out in the morning and coming in late at night, even when we don’t have any specific place to go. But in 2020, offices and schools are closed, and everyone is advised to stay at home. It’s safe to say that the coronavirus has impacted our lives in ways we never imagined.

For those of us who are married, the lockdown is presenting a new dimension. Some people got married while they were working, so, besides the honeymoon period and occasional leaves, they have always been out every day, spending time only during the weekends. So to be home together for weeks and months is a situation they would have to adapt to. Being together for a very long time is not something you are used to, so you would have to learn to tolerate each other. But not everyone is free as some couples even work from home.

The whole period is quite tensed, and everyone is doing their best to keep sane. What then compounds the issue is that the many external frustrations that would impact your staying together. 

1. Economic frustration: the economy has taken a hit due to the virus with reduced production. This has caused an increase in the prices of things, adding a strain to your pockets. 

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2. Social frustration: life is no longer as it is, and some of the fun activities you used to enjoy doing are on hold. You are now extremely bored with little to do. 

3. Mental frustration: just thinking that you could have caught the virus can be very damning. The moment you feel any symptoms associated with the virus, your mind goes into panic mode. Thinking about the future and when the virus is likely to end or whether there would even be an end is something very common these times. You have to be constantly conscious of what you touch, how to behave when you are out, and to be clean at all times.

All of these factors are likely to wear anyone out, but for married people, it may seem worse. 

What you have to know, however, is that this is a period for you to be closer to your partner more than ever. Yes, there is a lot to worry about, but you have each other. No matter how tense things get, you should not allow it to affect how you deal with the other person.

Surviving this lockdown with your partner is easier than it may seem. You may have been stuck in a loop, doing the same thing over and over again, but it does not have to be so. Here are some things you can do with your partner to spice up your marriage this lockdown period. 

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage This Lockdown

1. Take Time Off Work

Some of you may have been working from home all through this lockdown. You are either at bed or your desk with your laptop, having meetings and doing tasks, barely having time for your partner. You work for hours now without rest. This is not a healthy habit. Take time off work and focus on your spouse and/or kids. Help them around the house. Have conversations with them. This is a period where everyone needs reassurance, so even the little things you say could go a long way in making your partner feel safe.

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2. Get To Know More About Your Partner 

Find out things about them you may not have been aware of. Change must have occurred, and things they liked some 3-5 years ago may not be the same now. Use this period that you are together to know more about how they have changed. 

3. Give Them Their Space

You do not have to be all up to your spouse’s face all the time simply because they are home with you. They also need their privacy. Let them enjoy their time alone. Do not try to force conversations or activities when the other person is clearly not in the mood. Allowing them to recharge would make them free their minds, so conversations with you can flow better.

4. Have Date Nights

And who says you cannot have date nights because restaurants are closed? Make dinner extraordinary as often as you can. Cook a special meal and enjoy it on the balcony while you look at the stars. You can even put on dinner outfits while you’re at it. Just have fun with it. 

5. Help Around

If you are not the partner who has been helping around in the house before, now is the time to take on the task. Engage in simple chores while you tell your partner to relax. This would take the stress of their shoulder and show that you appreciate all they have been doing. 

6. Do Activities Together

Play games, answer trivia, go on morning jogs, or just find some other fun activity you can do with your partner. You have this time together, and you might as well enjoy it by creating fun memories. There is no limit to the things both of you can do to break the routine you may have been facing since. 

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7. Plan For The Future

Planning what to do when the lockdown is over can be quite exciting. The thought of visiting the places you used to or trying out new things is something that should keep both of you really happy and hopeful. You can plan to go on a vacation or link up with friends together. Set your plans and stick to them. 

8. Shake Things Up In The Bedroom

Never fail to make things as intimate as you can, so long your partner is on board with it. A simple massage session can set the mood for a long, rewarding night. Take good care of yourself, especially before bedtime. Wash well and smell good for your other partner. Try to be open to new ways to pleasure each other.

Now would be a good time to wear that nightie you have been storing as you never know when you might have this opportunity again. 


Bottom Line

The lockdown can be frustrating and tiring. However, you can make the best use of it to boost your relationship with your partner. These are some effective ways to spice up your marriage this lockdown, and strength your marital bond.

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