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How Physiotherapy Helps In Treating Patients With Brain Injury

Physiotherapy treatment brain injury

Having a healthy brain is as important as having a healthy body when it comes to enjoying a peaceful and content life. However, the irony is that even after knowing that a healthy brain is too important, people hardly do anything to promote their brain health.

You should constantly practice important exercises which can sharpen your brain and improve its fitness. Poor brain fitness can create tremendous problems for you, therefore, it’s always better to perform healthy physical exercises to enhance your mental performance and cognitive activities.


In this article we will look at two major health issues that affect the brain, especially brain injuries, and how physiotherapy can help in treatment of brain injuries.

Mental Disorders

People suffering from mental disorders and brain injuries find it really hard to lead a normal life. In fact,  the patients suffering from mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, dementia and anxiety disorder etc., find it very difficult to distinguish their lives from the lives of others.

For example, patients with an eating disorder and alcohol addiction find their lives as normal as the lives of others in the initial stages. The fact that they have a serious problem is realized by them only when their loved ones try to convince them about it or when their condition further deteriorates.

Similarly, if you talk about the patients struggling with post traumatic stress disorder, you will find that they experience extreme anxiety, depression and unwanted thoughts when they are reminded of the traumatic event.

In a layman’s term, all these illnesses and disorders are faced by people simply because of the improper functioning of their brain. It means, once your brain stops functioning the way it should be, you face a lot of behavioral and cognitive problems that ruin your life drastically.


Physiotherapy treatment brain injury

Brain Injuries

Now, if you talk about brain injuries, they can prove to be extremely harmful to a person, hence it’s crucial to treat them at the right time. Delaying the treatment of a brain injury can have life threatening consequences for you, so it’s important for you to take it seriously.

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In fact, there is little doubt that brain injuries are one of the most common causes of death among teens, adults and older adults.There can be several underlying reasons for your brain injury such as a violent road accident, workplace injury, sports injury, and natural calamities like earthquake and avalanche etc.

Side note, you can look to protect your brain by eating healthy foods. You should opt for protein-rich diets that are free of harmful lectin. A good option would be the proplant complete shake. It is a protein shake that protects the brain, and there is a proplant complete shake coupon code to get 20% discount.


Treatment For Brain Injury 

For treating your brain immediately after a traumatic brain injury, you doctor may prescribe different types of surgical treatments and medications. Some of the common drugs which are given to the patients with brain injury include diuretics, coma-inducing drugs, and anti-seizure drugs etc.

Diuretics are prescribed to the patients struggling with traumatic brain injury for minimizing the pressure that is created in the brain. The main function of these drugs is to increase a person’s urinary frequency and to minimize fluids in tissues.

On the other hand, anti-seizure drugs are prescribed to patients for minimizing the risk of seizure within the first seven days of the injury. In other words, these drugs are provided to patients to reduce the chances of further brain damage.

Different types of brain injuries require different types of treatment, and coma-inducing drugs are given to only those patients whose brain require more oxygen to function. Once coma-inducing drugs are given to a patient, they go into a temporary coma so that their brain can function even with less oxygen. Yes, it’s true that a comatose brain can even function with minimum oxygen.

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Sometimes due to high pressure in the brain, the blood vessels are compressed which makes it really difficult for them to provide the required amount of oxygen to the brain cells, which create difficulty in its functioning. In addition to that, these blood vessels also find it difficult to provide necessary nutrients to brain cells.

On the other hand, surgical procedures are carried out by top neurosurgeons like Dr Timothy Steel to treat more serious conditions. Using the latest techniques, they may remove blood clots, treat skull fractures, or create a window in the skull to offer more space for the swollen tissues. So why then is Physiotherapy a good treatment for brain injury?

Physiotherapy treatment brain injury

Physiotherapy is Also Important For Recovering From Brain Injury

If you are done with the surgical treatment for your brain injury, then it’s better to take physiotherapy services to recover from your illness completely. When physiotherapy is combined with other important treatment options, it provides effective results immediately.

If you want to live a normal life once again, exactly in the same way as you were enjoying it before your injury, then physiotherapy is a must for you.  It helps in enhancing a person’s ability to live an active life by restoring physical functions. With the assistance of physiotherapy, you can truly live a life that is full of physical activities.

Once you meet your physiotherapist, they will first evaluate your condition, which includes a physical examination as well as the evaluation of your medical history. If in case you are also suffering from any other medical condition apart from having a brain injury, then they will design a treatment plan based on your individual condition.

They will include important physical activities in your treatment plan, such as aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, etc., which play a crucial role in keeping your brain cells healthy.

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If, in case, your brain injury was a result of a horrific road accident that has also raised your level of anxiety and depression, then physiotherapy can prove to be a real savior in your case. Yes, over the years, it has been successfully proved that physical activities, especially aerobic exercises help in reducing the level of anxiety and depression in a person.


Physiotherapy treatment brain injury

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most successful ways of treating mental illness including anxiety disorder and depression. So, if you are already struggling with a mental illness, apart from the brain injury that you have received recently, then physiotherapy is the best way to restore a normal life.

If you want to perform your day-to-day activities independently, then physiotherapy can help you in dealing with physical limitations swiftly.

It is also very important for patients living with the vegetative and minimally conscious state. Over the years different types of studies have been conducted on such patients and it has been proved several times that it plays an instrumental role in their recovery. This shows that physiotherapy is indeed help in treatment of patients with brain injury.

The kind of personalized care that they receive from a physiotherapist helps a lot in restoring their well-being. When a patient is treated in an in-patient rehabilitation center, they receive personalized care round the clock. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to find that kind of care and support even at your own home.

So, if you want to deal with the impairments associated with your brain injury, you must go for physiotherapy seriously.

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