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4 Prevailing Mental Health Issues At The Work Place

Prevailing Mental Health Issues At The Work Place


Mental health issues workplace

Pressure to complete the targets on time, hectic schedule and fast-paced lifestyle have caused us many health problems. We have a busy work life and thus, rarely work on mental and emotional health, which causes numerous problems. After this, the only solution that we have is to join the whole body cleanse programs, psychologist sessions and other types of wellness programs.
In past 10 years, the lifestyle and health problems have aroused to a vast level. In a study examining the mental health problems in employees, the total number was 34,622 in 10 companies. This shows that there are a lot of mental health issues at the work place. Now, you can well imagine the reason behind absenteeism and poor career growth in employees.
Here are some common mental health problems in today’s world:


1.  Depression

A study reveals that around 6% of employees experience symptoms of depression at work place. The major reason behind depression is due to behavioral issues such as nervousness, impatience, irritability, etc. Employees may become aimless, unproductive, withdrawn from work once they start experiencing depression. Due to the problem, an employee may feel fatigue, mood disorder due to trouble sleeping at night.
If lack of treatment prevails among such employee, the problem gets worse.


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2. Bipolar Disorder

This problem arises due to switching of mood between elevated and depressed moods. In one time, a person can appear energetic, creative but productivity can be low. However, in extreme case, a person might become disruptive, aggressive, overspend the budget, etc. at one time and during the other phase, the person exhibits depression symptoms. Employees with this problem lose 28 days per year as sick leave.

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3. Anxiety Disorder

This problem is rarely taken seriously. Employees having this problem face restlessness, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, excessive worrying, etc. Its symptoms are mostly ignored and it affects around 6% of the population in a lifetime. Thinking it to be normal, people rarely diagnose it and get treated after 5-10 years. It is obvious that the problem affects the performance of an employee.
With the help of the whole body cleanse programs, mental and emotional healing sessions and other kinds of sessions can help people come out of the mental health.


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Although this mental health problem is considered prevalent in childhood, a recent report suggests that even adults fall under this. A survey in 10 countries found that 3.5 % employees have this problem. In work place, the problem diagnosed as failure to meet deadlines, insufficient to meet targets, disorganization, etc. due to this argument among co-workers increase.
Along with work performance, employee’s career that suffers, people with ADHD lose 22 days per year as sick leaves. People with the mental problem are less likely to earn more than 20% to 40% in comparison to other employees. And, surprisingly treatment rates of ADHD are low in most countries.

Treating employees is not a responsibility of the companies and therefore, most of the employees either do not know about their problems or are not treated well. However, it’s time to focus on your mental health along with physical health to lead a better life.  Employees should strive to create a mental health friendly work place, so that everyone can give their best at work.

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Succeed in your career by having a strong emotional and mental health.  Do not take your mental health casually.

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