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How Psychotherapy Can Ease Your Pain

How Psychotherapy Can Ease Your Pain
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Being in pain is an experience with which nobody is comfortable. Whether physical or emotional, dealing with it is not always simple, and this is where psychotherapy comes in to offer you possible solutions. 

Plenty of people suffer from chronic pain for years without respite. 

A 2016 analysis showed that an estimated 20.4% or 50 million adults in the United States had chronic pain, and 8% or 19.6 million had high-impact chronic pain. And typically, people go from one doctor to another, and change treatments and medications time and again, all in search of temporary pain relief

Pain, the definition of which is ‘an unpleasant emotional and sensory experience,’ has been the subject of research for centuries. Psychotherapy NY is playing a massive role in the treatment and management of pain for the people of New York, and this article aims to highlight some of the ways it achieves this. 

How Psychotherapy Can Ease Your Pain

Cognitive-behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an approach to pain treatment that is still mainly founded on talk therapy. It alters an individual’s behaviors and helps him, or her avoid negative thoughts to cope with the pain. 

Since the perception of pain occurs in the brain, the rationale is that addressing pain-related thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can significantly improve a person’s ability to cope with pain. 

In association with other techniques, CBT can unambiguously make a significant difference in a person’s life and help him perceive pain and its management in an entirely new light.

Therapy can Help you Cope with Pain

People who are in chronic pain can often have that pain increase beyond the physical. With loved ones being unable to comprehend the nature of what they are going through fully, it can result in anger, frustration, and even social isolation. All of this will serve to increase the pain one is living with significantly. 

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A good therapist will provide you with a comfortable environment, free from judgment where you can express all that you are going through to an understanding ear and to a person who will provide you with tailor-made coping skills. 

Relaxation Techniques

Exercises that fall into this category can have a significant effect on overall improvement. Chronic stress causes an increase in stress hormones in addition to keeping your muscles in a constant state of tension. 

Techniques such as foursquare breathing, guided imagery, and meditation, among others, can be instrumental in calming your mind, reducing stress hormones, and relaxing your muscles. Having a therapist guide you through the various exercises may go a long way in helping you manage your pain.

The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy

All of us experience pain at one point or another in our lives. For some, that pain is fortunately short-lived; however, for others, it becomes an endless nightmare. Psychotherapy in NY is providing a massive service to New Yorkers who are in dire need of relief and are often at their wits’ end when all the other options available to them are over. 

The various techniques on offer allow harnessing of the natural power located in one’s mind. Misconceptions that plague our society concerning mental health do a disservice to the commendable efforts of therapists all over the world, who, nonetheless, continue to fight the good fight. 

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