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How to Stay Healthy and Active Despite a Hectic Schedule

If you believe that going on water diet and spending a great chunk of your time in the gym will only turn you into a healthier and fit person, it is about time you change your mindset and keep reading. Health and fitness is typically associated with the way we lead our lives and what our routine is. The healthier habits we have, the healthier and active we feel in the long run.
The habits I am talking about are very easy to adopt and incorporating them in your daily routine will not consume much of your time. Want to know what they are and how you can follow them?  Read till the end and thank me when you are done!

How to Stay Healthy and Active Despite a Hectic Schedule

1. Connect with People 
Exhausting yourself at work? Feel stressed out all the time? All you need is some time out with your loved ones. Spending time with people who you enjoy the company of puts a very positive impact on the mind and strengthens you emotionally. Sharing your problems and talking your heart is essential for mental health and wellness. Therefore, make sure you spare your weekend for your family and friends. Look for practical ways you improve your social health. Plus, be the one to initiate plans and meet your friends in the lunch break, if possible.


How to Stay Healthy and Active Despite a Hectic Schedule

2. Make Your Room a Gadget-free Zone
Going to bed with your laptop, iPad or phone is probably the worst idea and it is the reason why you feel so restless throughout the day. As per different studies, it has been proved that the rays of the screen minimize the sleep and leave a negative impact on the mind.
Plus, the constant beeping and ringing of your devices makes a peaceful night sleep impossible. Therefore, I would highly recommend you to put away all such devices outside your room or at least turn their volume down before going to bed. Also, make sure you stop using them at least an hour before going to bed.

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3. Keep Your Body Detoxified
Almost all of us believe that we drink enough water but the reality is quite the opposite. We often get reluctant about tracking our water intake since we are usually too busy or too lazy to fetch it. Therefore, here is how you can have access to water all the time and track the intake: Keep a water bottle with you. This way your body will be detoxified and properly hydrated. Also, avoid anything that is toxic for your body such as nicotine or weed. No matter how topnotch cannabis or nicotine you get, avoid the intake as much as possible.


How to Stay Healthy and Active Despite a Hectic Schedule

4.Engage in Physical Activity 
It is not necessary that you spend hours in the gym only. You can choose alternate ways to activate your muscles. For instance, swimming or cycling is a form of great workout as well. You can also go hiking with family and friends on weekends as it is a very healthy activity and a cardiac exercise. All you need to do is keep yourself physically active. Prefer walking to your tram over comfortable metro rides. Stretch for 5 minutes in the morning to warm your body up. You can get some pretty cool fitness gadgets to spice up your workout.

How to Stay Healthy and Active Despite a Hectic Schedule

5. Opt for a Healthy Snack
In today’s busy world, we all are too occupied most of the times and live on snacks while we work or study. We often opt for snacks like a pack of chips or sugary bars of chocolates which have tons of calories and added sugar that give spikes to our blood sugar level and leave us feeling low on energy too soon.  If you want to stay healthy and active in the long run, opt for snacks that are low in calories and high in fiber and energy. For instance, choose fruit, nuts or corns instead of chocolates and chips. Similarly, choose juices over sugary drinks.
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Following the above points, you can achieve a healthier body and mind. You do not have to starve yourself or spend hours in a gym to attain a healthy and active body. All you need to do is adopt the habits discussed above and live by them.

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  • A healthier you starts with a healthy diet based on as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, and meat cooked in the oven and not fried. I found it hard to go to the gym at first, but after I found myself a group it didn't feel strange anymore.

  • Loving this article, so truly said Healthier us starts within us. It takes motivation to start with, taking baby steps like staying hydrated,choosing for healthy snacks makes a big difference

  • Great advice here! I particularly like the advice for a gadget free zone that is a great idea!

  • These are good tips considering what you said is certainly true: it is NOT just about eating healthy! Thank you for these healthy reminders – I know I need to let go of my gadgets more often, and detoxify my body soon.

  • As a mom of 4 I think it's safe to say I have a busy schedule. One thing I really like o do is go 'Unplugged' for little bit of time each day. It's so easy to get caught up online.

  • The really solid piece of advice here which i need to do is what you said about all the gadgets. I really think this is the reason why I don't sleep very well!

  • 3 and 4 are underrated as a combo. Detox is good as part of routine, and like Journey said it's anyway you want it, that's the way you need it!

  • I really struggle with the no phone before bed one. Living in Spain, the work day is very long. When I come home around 8:30-9, I have about a million things to do. It can feel like a lot. I really need to carve out more time to unplug and unwind. I also agree that we often think we drink more water that we do. It's so important.

  • Great tips. Especially #1, along with physical health, mental and emotional health is very important. Your tips come in handy as I am trying to make changes to live a more healthy lifestyle.

  • I agree that staying healthy is a lifestyle! These are excellent tips and I know there where hectic times in my life when I wasn't following any of these tips!

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