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How To Waist Train Safely Post Baby

Written by Collins Nwokolo


How To Waist Train Safely Post Baby

Do you wonder how Katie Holmes or Victoria Beckham snapped back from the pregnancy with a model-perfect shape in almost no time? If yes, then join the club. Most new moms fear the extra pounds which they gain during pregnancy and want to slim down instantly after giving birth. The sad fact is that often we set unreal standards for our bodies, which is why we feel inferior.

Today, a number of moms are trying to flatten their baby belly with waist training. An important thing to remember is that patience and devotion are essential to flatten your ‘mummy-tummy’ and regain your pre-baby self.

The corset (or belly wrap) is a garment worn by women around their waist to flatten their post-baby tummy.
In the late Victorian era of the 1800s to early 20th century, corset training (tight lacing) was a common practice.

Laura Riley, MD, pregnancy expert from Massachusetts General Hospital and a spokeswoman from American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, says ordinary women do not share the same lifestyle as celebrities, and therefore, can’t lose weight in the same way. She also adds that women need to accept this reality to feel better about their bodies.

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What is the right time to start waist training after birth?

Many women want to know the right time to start waist training. They might wonder how soon to start waist training after birth?: The answer is straight away! We recommend that you try wearing corsets for at least eight weeks after your adorable angel is born to get the best results.
During pregnancy, the muscles around the midsection become weak, and by using a suitable belly band, you can firm up your core muscles back in position. Similarly, the right waist trainer can help you get rid of the ‘mummy tummy’ so your muscles can go back to the original shape quicker.
If you have decided to waist train, then you need to be careful with it because everything has its pros and cons. To safe train your waists follow these tips:

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How To Waist Train Safely Post Baby

Choose the right size
You will need to know your natural waist to choose the right size of waist trainer. Make sure that your waist trainer fits perfectly without discomfort. If you select the wrong size, it will only cause pain and other health issues.
When you wear waist shapers for the first time, you’d feel a slight pressure on the abdomen which does cause a slight discomfort. There is also a risk of Acid Reflux if the waist trainer hugs your tummy tightly. However, these problems are minimized if you choose the right waist training products.

Wear it often for best results
Don’t rush in to get the perfect waist in two days. That is something impossible. You need not wear the corset all the time to achieve the best results.  You can gradually increase the duration of wearing the corset.
Latex ‘waist trainer’ experts recommend wearing it for 8 to 10 hours each day. If you wear them for lengthier periods of time, then be sure to know the risk factors associated with corsets.

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Stay hydrated
Waist training during workout causes you to sweat more. It is a great way to lose those extra pounds. You need to make sure that you are never dehydrated as it can cause severe health issues. So drink more water and exercise regularly, and you can achieve excellent results with waist training.
Many doctors suggest that proper nutrition and exercise will benefit you in this process. Increase your daily intakes of fluids, such as fruit juices, green tea and lemon infused water.

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How To Waist Train Safely Post Baby

Don’t make it an addiction
All girls want a slim waist and an hourglass figure and these desires sometimes turn into an addiction.
Be careful while wearing a corset as it can cause harm to your health if you don’t follow the right precautions. Corsets are not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise. Therefore, maintain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly along with waist training. Always choose the right post pregnancy shapewear – something best suits your body needs. If you feel you can’t breathe properly after wearing a corset, remove it immediately.

Remember that every woman’s body is different; some people may get faster results, so don’t panic and stay consistent in your routine.

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