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7 Potent Natural Remedies For Toothache

Written by Collins Nwokolo
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If you’ve had a toothache, then you know how terrible it can get and the discomfort caused can make a person not only lose sleep but disorient you completely. Causes of tooth pain and other dental problems may be as a result of cavities, periodontal disease, halitosis, gingivitis among others. There are many ways to treat toothache, however there are even better natural remedies for toothache.

Here, we will explore the natural and holistic methods of addressing acute tooth pain and ways in which we can maintain the overall oral health.


Natural Remedies For Toothache

7 Natural Remedies For Toothache

1.    Garlic
Garlic is not only known making food tasty but also for its antibacterial and antibiotic properties. Hence,  garlic is an effective home remedy for toothache. When crushed, garlic cloves release allicin which helps relieve a toothache caused by decay or cavities. It also promotes healthy gums and teeth.

How to use:
Crush 3 to 5 cloves of garlic, add a pinch of salt then crush to make a paste. Apply the paste on the infected tooth and leave it for about 10 minutes before rinsing. You should do this twice daily, and you will notice a reduction of cavities in a few weeks.
You may also choose to chew a clove or rinse your mouth with garlic water for fast relief and more effective results.

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2.    Clove oil
Clove oil has been used for centuries in baking in addition to relieving tooth pain and prevent cavities from spreading. Besides analgesic properties which are inflammatory, it also contains eugenol which is anesthesia as well as an antiseptic. However, do not use too frequently or in excess.

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How to use:
Briefly dip a piece of cotton ball or tissue in a solution of 3 drops of clove oil and a ¼ spoon of sesame or olive oil. Dab the solution gently on the affected tooth to relieve pain.
You may also opt to chew a clove to extract the oil if don’t have the oil

3.    Turmeric
Turmeric is often used in Ayurveda to relieve cavity pain. This is because it contains an active ingredient called curcumin which has antibacterial and inflammatory properties that helps in relieving toothaches and prevent bacterial infection and abscesses.

How to use:
To make a paste, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder into a few a drops of water or mustard oil. Use a cotton ball to dab the solution directly on your aching tooth. Leave it for around 10 minutes then rinse with warm water and spit it out.
You may also put the powder directly onto the teeth then rinse it off.
Use this remedy for a few days.

4.    Ginger
Ginger has been known for long as a powerful antiseptic and for its many healing properties, besides making food taste delicious. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are useful for treating the swelling caused by cavities. When chewed raw, ginger increases the production of saliva for those people suffering from dry mouth and stop the pain caused by tooth decay. It contains active ingredients gingerols, gingerone, and shogaols which are great in reducing bacteria in the mouth and prevent further infections.

How to use:
Add one teaspoon of ginger powder to one cup of water and bring it to boil. After cooling add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice. Gargle the mixture.
Chew on raw ginger or press thin slices on the affected tooth to relieve pain
You can also make some ginger juice and swish in your mouth for the healing effect.

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5.    Salt
Salt has been known to be the most common natural way to stop tooth decay pain and sooth a sore throat. Salt and water solution is used to treat oral wounds and helps reduce swelling and inflammation brought about by tooth decay. The saline mix when gargled loosens food particles stuck between your teeth and also helps prevent bacterial infection as it is a natural antiseptic.

How to use:
For toothaches, dissolve a teaspoon of salt (preferably sea salt) to a glass of warm water. Swish this saline mixture around your mouth for about 30 seconds then spit it out. You can repeat this severally throughout the day after every meal.

6.    Guava leaves
Guava leaves are known to contain anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic properties which are great in relieving mouth ulcers, swollen gums and alleviating toothaches. It’s highly recommended that you use it in paste form for fast and effective results.

How to use:
Boil several leaves, allow the liquid to cool down then add a pinch of sea salt. Swish the solution around your mouth as you would a mouthwash and spit it out. Do this several times a day.
You may opt to chew fresh guava leaves to extract the juice which will eventually ease the pain from the affected tooth.

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7.    Hydrogen peroxide
Among the most common solutions for relieving toothache, healing bleeding gums and treating other oral problems is hydrogen peroxide. It works the same way as saline water although it’s proven to be more effective as it also attacks bacteria. Swishing around 3% of hydrogen peroxide solution provides relief from a toothache.

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How to use:
Dilute 3% hydrogen peroxide with the same amount of water. Swish around your mouth for about 20 seconds, then rinse severally with water. Repeat this once or twice in a day. Be careful not to swallow it!

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Natural Remedies For Toothache

It is important that you know and apply these natural remedies for toothache and infections.
If you have any dental problem, the most important thing is to figure out the cause. That way you can determine how to best to relieve the pain or discomfort. If the pain persists for a prolonged time, you need to visit a dentist to rule out any underlying condition.

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