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4 Ways To Keep Pets Safe Around Holiday Decor

Keep Pets Safe Around Holiday Decor
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Many of us love pets, and we also love holiday decor. What’s better during the holidays than a hugging a friendly, loving furry companion while admiring cheerful lights, a beautiful tree, and garland?

Unfortunately, pets and holiday decorations often don’t go well together. It’s easy for our animals to get tangled up, climb our trees, and even eat things that can land them at the veterinarian. Fortunately, the team at Freeway Insurance has some helpful tips that can keep your pets safe this holiday season.

1. Protect Your Decorations

Pets don’t understand what’s safe and what’s not, so the best option is to keep them away from the decorations.

That might mean hanging wall decorations up high, out of reach, and putting a gate around any Christmas tree or other floor decor. This not only helps protect pets, but it can also keep young children safer around decorations.

Cable ties can keep lights up away from curious noses, and sleeves can prevent cords from being chewed.

2. Watch Out for What Pets Eat

Animals seem to eat whatever they find, and when it’s the holiday season, that can be especially dangerous. Sugar-free candy often contains xylitol, which can be fatal to dogs and cats. Salt-dough ornaments can cause salt poisoning if eaten by a curious pet. Tinsel can cause internal blockages, and broken ornaments or lights can cut our furry friends.

There are also a lot of plants that are toxic to animals. Lilies and mistletoe can be life-threatening if ingested, and cats can be poisoned by getting lily pollen on them or drinking water from the vase. Pine, poinsettias, holly, and amaryllis are also dangerous, along with many others.

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Pets love to eat everything! Watch them carefully to ensure they stay safe during this season.

3. Avoid Costumes

Dressing pets in costumes can be cute and make a nice photo, but unfortunately, it’s dangerous for your animals. They can eat small pieces of the costume, or they can get stuck in the outfit.

In some cases, a pet can panic if you try to put them in a costume. They can run off, hide, bite, or claw you. During a panic, it’s also easy for the pet to get the costume snagged, which can cause choking or serious injury.

Costumes may be cute, but they’re not worth the risk. Keep your pets safe by skipping the pet outfits and taking photos with your dog, cat, or other pet in their natural beauty.

4. Distract Pets During Gift Opening

Wrapping paper and ribbons are a delight to people of all ages, and your pets may see them as fun toys, as well. As fun as it is to watch your furry friends pounce on paper and chew ribbon, it’s actually very dangerous.

There’s a lot of activity while presents are being opened, and you can get distracted from what your pets are doing. That can result in them ingesting something harmful and ruining the festivities.

Instead, give pets their own area with appropriate toys while everyone else is opening presents. They can be in the same room as long as they are safely separated from anything they shouldn’t be chewing on or playing with.

Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are a fun time to decorate — lights, tinsel, ornaments, and festive trees are beautiful ways to enjoy your favorite time of year. However, it’s important to remember to protect your pets.

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With these steps, your pets will be safer and will have a great holiday as well!

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