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Matcha: A Guide To The Healthy Super Powder


Health benefits of matcha

Is there anything that matcha can’t do? This wonderful green powder seems to be everywhere: in smoothies, teas, face masks, salad dressings, raw food, ice creams… If you have chosen to prepare or to eat something healthy, you are likely to find matcha in it. But what exactly is matcha and where did it come from? What can you use it for, and what can it do for you and your health? Read on, as we offer you a brief guide to this super powder.

Health benefits of matcha


What is matcha?

Matcha is a powder made from leaves of green tea. The leaves undergo a special process before they are harvested: they have to grow in shade for at least three weeks so that they produce more caffeine. They also have to be prepared in a special way so that the powder retains all the potent ingredients. The leaves should be steamed and air-dried before they are ground into powder. The most expensive ones are ground in a traditional way: by using stones.
How to recognize compromised matcha
Because real matcha is so valuable and healthy, it is not uncommon for compromised, or expired powder to stay on the market. The powder should not be exposed to oxygen, because it will turn brownish-green. If your powder is of different colour, sandy texture or smells like hay – don’t use it. It will not be hazardous for your health, and it certainly won’t do you any harm, but it is not of highest quality. Real, high-quality matcha tea powder is vibrant green in colour and soft in texture. This guarantees that it will taste better, because the plant has sent all of its nutrients to the growing leaves.
Swap your coffee for tea
While the idea of abandoning coffee may not seem like too inviting for you, opting for a cup of green tea instead is good for your health. Coffee with sugar and cream may be delicious, but it is not very healthy. The real green tea will wake you up just as a cup of coffee would. Put a teaspoon of matcha in a cup (two spoons if you like it stronger) and add hot water. It’s important to use water that is just below the boiling point because that water will not ‘kill’ the nutrients.
Add matcha to your life
The best thing about this powder is the fact that you can use it to spice up your everyday life, and not just your tea.  Add it to your food and drinks as well: add a teaspoon of it to a pitcher of lemonade, mix it up with your pancakes, tofu, and omelets, or use it instead of pepper to season your side dishes. The simplest thing is to add it to your soup: four cups of water or broth can contain a teaspoon of matcha without it altering the taste too much.
If you decide to incorporate matcha into your everyday life, within a month you will notice subtle yet rather prominent changes. Your skin will be clearer, your blood pressure will be lower, and you will feel more energized. Not to mention that you will discover that you have lost some weight along the way, as well. It’s time for some healthy changes in your life, and trying matcha may be the best decision you’ve ever made.
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