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Your Mattress and Your Sleep – Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Your Mattress and Your Sleep
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Your mattress and your sleep have a deeper connection than you can imagine. Studies have revealed that the quality of your sleep is one of the most important factors determining your overall health.
However, we will get a bit more specific in this post and talk about the ways in which your mattress tends to affect your sleep so that you can sleep better and, in turn, live healthier.

Your Mattress and Your Sleep

Stress and Sleep

A good night’s sleep can go a long way in lowering your stress levels. However, many people do not experience lower stress after sleeping for 7-8 hours during the night.

And the reason for this is often sleeping on a very old mattress. Old mattresses offer a far lower sleep quality than new ones, which is the reason they don’t help much with the stress either.

Cause Allergies

Studies say that old mattresses can have millions of tiny dust mites. It doesn’t seem to be a baseless claim either, especially given that about 20 million Americans end up getting infected with some kind of allergy every year.

While cleaning your mattress from time to time can certainly help, it may not do much for very old mattresses. You need to consider replacing your mattress if you feel vulnerable to any kind of allergy or are already suffering from one.

Furthermore, a good way to protect yourself further when buying a mattress is to also purchase a mattress protector along with it, which will keep the mattress cleaner for a longer period of time.

Avoid Ultra-Plush Mattresses

Even new mattresses can affect your health negatively. An ultra-plush mattress, for one, can wreak havoc on your lower body’s health.

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It creates a curvature in your body that’s neither natural or healthy, leading to issues like back pain. It’s also recommended to sleep on a mattress before buying it for this reason.

Fail to Help with Your Fatigue

Even if sleeping for 8 hours every night on your mattress isn’t helping deal with your fatigue, something may be wrong with your mattress.

But this shouldn’t come off as a surprise, as older mattresses don’t offer a very good sleep quality, and need to be replaced when they get too old to be comfortable enough to help eliminate your fatigue.

Lead to Body Aches

Mattresses tend to go through wear and tear as they get old, often leading to lumps being formed on them. These lumps then harm your lower body, which can lead to body aches, among other issues.

Health Hazards

A poor mattress can also lead to a variety of health hazards, especially if it doesn’t offer enough support to your neck or back.

This can happen if your mattress’ springs aren’t functioning the way they should. A good indicator to check this is notice if your mattress produces a creaking sound when you toss and turn in it.

End Up in Insomnia

Of course, insomnia can be a result of a variety of sleep-related issues, but a poor mattress can very well be one of them. If your mattress doesn’t promote healthy sleeping, it can contribute to insomnia.

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