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How To Motivate Yourself To Take A Shower

How to motivate yourself to shower
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Bathing is a healthy habit; it is good for your physical health and hygiene. Taking a shower can be exciting and a regular experience for many people. However, for some, taking a shower can be exhilarating and something they don’t look forward to. Do you struggle with getting yourself to bathe? You are not alone; they are many people who are wondering – how to get yourself to use the bathroom. This article will help you find out how to motivate yourself to take a shower.

The truth is that we all know personal hygiene is vital to our lives. But at times it can be tough to make yourself get in the shower if you just don’t feel like it.

In this helpful article, you will also get to see the reasons why it is difficult for you to get yourself to bathe. Read on.


Reasons Why it Might Be Difficult For You to Get Yourself to Bathe.

How to motivate yourself to shower

There are so many varying reasons that could make you feel unmotivated to bathe. There are also some factors that could also be responsible for them, and they are:

1. You Dislike It

Some people don’t like taking showers. The reasons could be that they don’t like their bathroom because it is dirty or not presentable. This is a common reason that would make one not to take a shower.

Another reason depends on how they are raised too. If they come from a family that didn’t bathe regularly or required that they did, then it might affect them.
Another reason why you might have the habit of not taking showers could be from picking up the habit during your secondary school or college years, and unfortunately never getting out of it.


2. You are depressed

One of the major manifestations of Depression is an unwillingness to engage in any meaningful activities, including taking a shower. Honestly, maintaining good personal hygiene becomes a strenuous task, when you are depressed.

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If you are one of those wondering how to get yourself to shower when you are depressed, then this article will help you.


3. You are tired

Imagine working for long hours during the day, and returning home tired and exhausted. It will be a mountainous task to get yourself to use the bathroom. When your physical energy has been drained, your mental energy is likely going to be drained too.


4. You are Lazy

Laziness on your part could be another reason why you find it difficult to bathe. You might put off taking a bath because it might seem to be too physically demanding.


5. You procrastinate

Procrastination is a bad habit, which can lead to poor decisions. It is possible that you procrastinate taking a bath often. You might feel that taking a bath is less important and worth the stress.

They’re many bad things that will happen to your body if don’t shower. Whatever the reason may be, it would be helpful to know a few ways that can give you the motivation you need to wash up.



How to Motivate Yourself to Take A Shower

How to motivate yourself to shower

These helpful tips are more concerned about the mental aspect, and only require you to have a different attitude toward the habit of bathing. It also discusses some simple tricks that can make bathing more enjoyable to you.


1. Exercise

Exercising can help you get yourself to shower. If you need good motivation to use the bathroom, then exercising can aid you. How so?

If you engage in exercise, even for a few minutes, you will sweat a lot. Sweating becomes uncomfortable when it is on the body to too long. Hence you will have no option than to take a shower.

Exercising also helps you feel good mentally. Thus, you will be more inclined to wash up.


2. Imagine things differently

There was this lady who suffered from depression. She said that before she became depressed, she felt energised when she took showers, but later became depressed and disliked taking showers. According to this lady, she left isolated and trapped when taking showers.

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Her case might be similar to yours if you have difficulty to shower when you are depressed. However, you can help yourself if you imagine things differently.

Rather than feeling like you are trapped or isolated in the shower, imagine yourself being somewhere else, such as a waterfall or fountain. Imagine the splashing water is washing away all the bad feelings and negative thoughts. Close your eyes and smile when you try to picture what would be around the waterfall or fountain.


3. Clean your toilet

If you have a dirty bathroom, you will never look forward to taking a shower. A dirty bathroom will make you feel uneasy about bathing. However, you can help yourself out by cleaning your bathroom. You can read about how to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

Try beautifying your bathroom with nice furniture, and make sure it smells good too. If your bathroom is clean and hygienic, I can strongly assure you that you will always want to bath.


4. Do smaller tasks first

If you are tired and feel like bathing is a monumental task, you can do smaller tasks first. The most difficult part often lies in simply taking the first step.

For example, you can begin by turning on the water first. Get the water running, so you can hear the sound. Make sure it is nice and warm and picture how good it would feel to get inside.

If you do this, you will probably find it much easier to shower.


5. Get someone to talk you into it

One of the best ways to get yourself motivated is to get someone to motivate you. In a similar way, getting someone to talk into bathing can help you get yourself to shower.

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Having a romantic partner around will increase your desire to take a bath. A friend or parent can also inspire you to bathe.


6. Think of it as a challenge

If you developed a habit of not bathing regularly due to upbringing, shove pride aside and look forward to overcoming your poor habits of not showering as a way to prove yourself.

Think about this. If you find it difficult even to bathe, what else will you be able to do? Think of it is an opportunity for personal growth. Prove to yourself that you can break a bad habit and do what you set your mind to. If you are willing to do this, you will feel more in control of other aspects of your life. Take bathing regularly as something essential.


7. Talk to a psychologist

If you feel that it is a serious issue for you, then you might need to visit a medical professional. Some cases of poor habits usually require medical assistance.

So, talk to a doctor and see if you need medical help.


Reasons Why You Should Shower Regularly

How to get yourself to shower

1. Avoid dirt accumulation on skin:- Bathing regularly is a hygienic habit. If you don’t shower regularly, dirt will accumulate on your skin. Making you smell and feel uncomfortable.

2. Genital infections and bacteria:- Many infections can be prevented by bathing regularly. Bathing with soap and clean water daily can keep you free from many infectious diseases.

3. Makes you feel good and energetic:- Taking a shower can make you feel better. It relaxes your body and even energizes you. It also helps in relieving stress from your body.


I hope these tips on how to motivate yourself to shower really helped you. If you did please share and comment below.


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  • Great read, very well structured! I use to be in that bracket of being absolutely lazy when it comes to showering, it was probably a result of not doing exercise at all.

    When I got back into the gym, not having a shower was not an option for me haha!

  • I have a hard time showering often but my mom says it’s because of my Medical conditions: depression and chronic nerves. It’s a struggle for me. 🙁

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