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Ankle High Or Knee High, Which Compression Sock Is Better?

Ankle High Or Knee High, Which Compression Sock Is Better?
Written by Collins Nwokolo

When it comes to compression socks, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to all people. Each person can choose the right type to wear according to the activity that he is planning for the day. Read more about these types of clothing when you click here.

For others, they are medically advised to get a certain kind of compression stockings that can help them improve their symptoms such as edema or varicose veins, so there’s not much competition between the knee-high and ankle-high compression socks.

If you are still getting started with compression socks, then you are on the right page. For most people, compression socks or sleeves are incredibly convenient because they help the blood to properly circulate on the lower extremities.

Others may work in front of the computer the whole day, and their feet don’t do much movement as a result. They might find themselves getting that “leaden feeling” where the blood pools on their feet and it takes a lot of movements to get the blood moving again. Compression socks can be beneficial in these kinds of situations. It can also help relieve feet pain during pregnancy.

People who work as guards or cashiers may find themselves standing for long periods. Then, gravity takes a toll on them, and their blood on the legs is not able to circulate back to the heart due to lack of movement. The stockings can help them push the blood upwards and make them less tired after a long day’s shift.

Ankle High Or Knee High, Which Compression Sock Is Better?
Gym Goers Use Compression Socks

For people such as gym-goers or athletes who are doing rigorous training, their muscles need the extra push so that the blood can circulate well in their bodies. If there’s good circulation, they can recover faster from tiredness, and they can push themselves into greater lengths during routine exercises.

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Without the extra push, the muscles can quickly swell and sore. Aside from quickly recovering, the fitness enthusiasts may feel less tired after an intense workout.

Types of Socks to Choose From

There’s a lot of products out there, and you can choose the ones that will be suitable for the type of activity that you are planning to make. For men and women working in front of their computers for long stretches, ankle-high compression socks might be a good option for them. They can wear Lasso compression ankle high socks that are great for leisurely activities. They can wear these without pressure, and they won’t feel numb after a long stretch of sitting in front of their laptops.

For those who are into rigorous training, over-the-calf, or knee-high may be a good option for them. Some of the companies can produce a graduated compression design. This means that the farther the materials away from the heart, the tighter the pressure will be.

There are times when you may consider one style for exercising, and another one during your workdays. You have to experiment with which ones will feel good to you. Everyone’s goal is different, and there’s not a single compression sleeves or stockings that can meet every need you may have. You can try testing several products and see which ones are comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time.

Ankle High Or Knee High, Which Compression Sock Is Better?
When You May Need Compression Stockings

Almost all people can benefit from wearing them. The older adults may find that they can prevent edema and swelling of their feet when they feel pressure on their lower extremities.
The stockings can reduce fluid accumulation on the limbs and prevent them from swelling at the same time. For people who are working, they can prevent varicose veins and muscle fatigues whenever they decide to wear these handy and breathable socks. You can know more about varicose veins here:

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Fortunately, everyone can wear these socks. Here are some of the situations where you may need them.

  1. You have swollen ankles at every end of the shift.
  2. You are planning to travel iand may take very long flights.
  3. Your feet feel heavy when you sit on your desk even if it’s just a short period of time.
  4. You need to recover fast after a routine workout.


You need to choose a pair of socks that can provide you with the comfort that you need. Depending on the situation, you may need to get a couple of ankle-high and knee-high compression stockings that will make your day easier. You can try them on and read reviews about them before buying. With their support and better circulation that they provide, expect that you will have better days ahead.

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