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5 Potent Natural Remedies For Gum Diseases

Natural remedies for gum disease
Written by Collins Nwokolo
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5 Natural Remedies For Gum Disease

Any condition that causes an adverse impact on the gums, as well as the structures that support the teeth, is known as periodontal disease or gum disease. This one is chiefly of bacterial origin where the oral bacteria thrive inside the mouth and lead to the formation of a sticky substance known as plaque on the teeth surface.

Periodontitis usually occurs from the advanced gingivitis that when left untreated can result in the long-term accumulation of tartar and plaque on the teeth. The response of the immune system towards the infection together with the bacterial toxins starts to break down the connective tissues and the bones that support the teeth. This eventually contributes to the loose teeth.
The bleeding of the gums is the first symptom of periodontitis. The other common symptoms include the swollen or the inflamed gums, bad breath, deep pocket formation between the teeth and the gums, mouth ulcers, loose teeth and formation of pus between the gums and the teeth.

If not treated promptly, periodontitis can have far-reaching consequences like loss of teeth, strokes, heart attacks and other serious health issues. Periodontitis has been a common dental issue that is greatly preventable if treated in the right and timely manner. Though going to the dentist is essential and a must but you can treat the condition initially with some home remedies that you can get easily and affordable. Just read on.



Natural remedies for gum disease

Effective Natural Remedies For Gum Disease

If you have been wondering what some home remedies for gum disease are?  Then below you will find some satisfying answers.

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1. Ginger

This is the first thing that you can try at home if you suffer from periodontal disease. Ginger consists of about 3 percent fat, 2-3 percent oil, 5 percent resin and 3 percent spices and starch like shogaols and zingerone. These spicy substances have very good antibacterial effects and hence gingers are great for reducing gingivitis and controlling the conditions of periodontal disease. You can just prepare 10-15 grams of ginger and then let it dry. After that, you can just crush it and apply it to the area of periodontitis and leave it for 4-5 minutes and rinse the mouth with water. Apart from that, you can also consume ginger tea made with honey, ginger, and water. This one has also proven to be very effective.



2. Clove Oil

Clove oil is known to numb the soft tissue and hence clove oil is widely used for a toothache. It is an effective natural remedy for treating gum disease.  In fact, because of its long-lasting and strong effects, this oil is often used in the oral hygiene. It also tops the charts for its antioxidant properties. You can use 5-6 drops in a cup of warm water and use it as a mouthwash.



3. Salt Water Rinse

The salt has gained a name for its antibacterial properties and helps to heal the sore gums and efficiently heals the bacteria that cause the gums to swell. You can add the half teaspoon of salt to the glass of lukewarm water. Then you can rinse the mouth with this water until the pain subsides. But make it a point not to swallow this water. Sea water is also another great alternative to salt water..

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4. Oil Pulling

Ayurveda states that gum massage coupled with oil pulling can help to prevent plaque and periodontitis buildup by reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth. Oil pulling can strengthen the gums, and oral health can be promoted with its help. This powerful benefits to oral health makes it enter our list if natural remedies for gum disease. You have to rinse and swoosh your mouth with unrefined sesame or coconut oil for 15 to 20 minutes. Spit it out and use warm water to rinse the mouth. Before brushing your teeth twice a day, you can do this every morning. But make it a point not to gargle or swallow it.


5. Guava

Guava is considered to be an effective natural remedy for gum disease as it is rich in vitamin C. This one works as an anti-plaque agent and helps to do away with the plaque that is accumulated on the teeth and the gums. Apart from that, its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the pain and to swell in gums. You can cut unripe guava into four pieces, sprinkle salt on the guava pieces and then chew them gradually. This will help to decrease the plaque and improve to make the gums and the teeth stronger. Or you can wash some tender guava leaves and then spit them out after chewing them properly. You can do this on a regular basis to reduce bleeding and the amount of pus in the gums.


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Home remedies for gum disease

The above are some of the some of the natural home remedies for treating gum disease. Though this can help you initially, if the condition is not controlled by these you must search online by typing in “dental doctor near me” or can ask your friends and families and check the review of a reputed and experienced dentist nearby your place and book an appointment with him or her.



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