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9 Amazing Tips to Enhance Your Dull Skin This Summer

Tips to enhance your dull skin and look better
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Summer is here, and we couldn’t be any happier. We get to dress in pretty dresses, enjoy the warm temperatures and take delight in everything the season has to offer. When it comes to our skin, unfortunately, the sun can cause a lot of damage.
Moreover, we are constantly exposed to high temperatures, which means that we are even more at risk for premature aging and dullness. Let’s find out together how we can improve our appearance this summer, saying goodbye to dull skin.


Tips To Enhance Your Dull Skin This Summer

Tips to enhance your skin this summer

1. Hydrate the skin from within and without

One of the main reasons for which our skin turns dull has to do with the lack of adequate hydration. If you want to look absolutely fantastic, all you have to do is increase your water intake. The water will flush out harmful toxins, improving the skin appearance.

You can also opt, in moderation, for fruit juices, green tea or coconut water. Avoid drinking black tea or coffee in copious amounts, as this will only lead to dehydration. For topical skin hydration, use a good cream, one that suits your complexion in every possible way.


2. Exfoliation, the key to a bright complexion

Exfoliation is a must, regardless of the season. However, as the summer has just begun, it might be a good idea to exfoliate your skin and get rid of the dead cells accumulated on the surface. This is one of the simplest measures you can take, to say goodbye to a dull complexion.

You can prepare a homemade exfoliation solution by mixing brown sugar with honey and yogurt. Or, if you want, you can opt for a store-bought product. What matters is that you exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis, so that you maintain a healthy, bright appearance.

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Tips to enhance your dull skin and look better

3. Moisturizing cream with SPF

Keeping your skin moisturized is a prerequisite for the summer season. At the same time, you have to think about the effect the sun will have on your skin and not just when you are at the beach. The sun is active at all times and, without protection, you are just exposed to the harmful action of the UVA and UVB rays.
If you want to say goodbye to dull skin and protect yourself, all the same, you need to consider using moisturizing cream with SPF. For the face, use the highest SPF you can find, reapplying it every two hours. Using a good moisturizing cream with SPF is a great way to protect your fair skin from sun damage.



4. Eat fresh fruits and especially cantaloupe

The summer season is the one in which we get to enjoy fresh, delicious fruits. One of the best choices, which can definitely help you escape a dull, tired complexion, is cantaloupe. With a sweet taste and unique flavor, this melon variety is actually rich in antioxidants; thus, it can protect against the damage done by free radicals and reduce the risk of premature aging. Moreover, it contains a lot of water, keeping the skin hydrated and radiant.



5. Do not forget the anti-aging cream

Just because it is summer outside, this does not mean you no longer need to apply your anti-aging cream. The one thing you can do is use a product suitable for the summer season, with a lighter texture. Always remember that the best anti-wrinkle creams are the ones containing high-quality ingredients, with natural extracts.

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The anti-aging cream is best kept in the fridge, as the cold application can enhance its efficiency. You are also recommended to use your ring finger for the actual application, as this guarantees the least amount of tugging. There are also some fantastic anti-aging essential oils you can try.



6. Get a facial massage

While the facial massage might seem like a luxury to some people, in reality, it is something everyone should consider. If you feel prepared, you can handle the massage yourself, but it is always best when another person performs it.
On the one hand, the massage will help you relax and forget all about your worries (which often cause frown lines). On the other hand, it will flush out toxins and smooth out the skin, allowing you to look better than ever. Do not hesitate to give it a try and you will see that it was all worth it. Face mapping is another great option that will help you.


Tips for healthy skin this summer

7. Tone your skin with natural remedies

Apart from moisturizing your skin, during the summer, you might also want to consider toning. This will maintain a healthy pH balance, as well as remove dirt and other impurities from the skin surface. While you can choose a store-bought product, it is useful to know that you can resort to natural remedies as well.

For example, you can easily prepare an efficient toning product, by mixing glycerin with rose water. The toner should be applied on a daily basis, morning and night; keep in mind that it can also help with acne breakouts and blemishes.

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8. Rejuvenate the skin with a facial mask

When it comes to skin health, facial masks have a lot of benefits to offer. They hydrate and nourish the skin, eliminate dead cells and rejuvenate the complexion, allowing you to turn back the hands of time.

A facial mask is intensely hydrating, being more than recommended for the summer season. An alternative to the traditional facial mask is the ChinUp Mask, which works like a non-surgical facelift. It is easy to use, and it can help you get rid of that unaesthetic double chin.


9. Try a facial steam

You might not think that a facial steam could bring about obvious changes, but it really does. It guarantees a deep cleansing effect, smoothing out facial wrinkles and eliminating the dull appearance from the start.
A great choice is the citrus facial steam; all you have to do is add a few drops of citrus essential water to hot water and soak a clean towel in the scented water. Apply the warm towel over your face and relax. Your pores will open, and all gathered impurities will be eliminated. When done, you can cleanse your face and apply your regular moisturizer.

In conclusion, these are some amazing beauty tips for the summer, you can definitely  try out this summer, to say goodbye to your dull skin and look better than ever. It is always a good idea to drink plenty of water, eat healthily and stay away from the sun, as it can cause you to age prematurely.


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