Psychedelics Integration Therapy in Nashville

Psychedelics Integration Therapy
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Have you thought about trying psychedelic integration therapy? Such therapy helps individuals to find the meaning of their psychedelic experiences. It’s the process of exploring the insights and challenges that arise in the course of such experiences.

Integration therapy assists clients in processing their emotions and attitudes so as to find a sense of wholeness. It boosts the potential for personal transformation, which is best performed with professional support. The process of therapy might last for months, years, or sometimes even a lifetime. 

If you are interested in learning more about Psychedelics, you will find the information below helpful. 

What is it? 

Psychedelics Integration Therapy

Psychedelic integration describes the process of taking the gained emotions, attitudes, and insights from a psychedelic experience and processing them into desired life areas. The general definition of integration refers to bringing different parts together to make a whole. The purpose of such therapy is to achieve a feeling of wholeness that clients seek through their treatment intentions. 

Some of these intentions might include accepting your mistakes or reconnecting with the parts of your personality that you have ignored in the past. Such wholeness is essential for creating a strong foundation to build the rest of your life upon. Psychedelic experiences have the power to open up very significant ways of viewing yourself and others, bringing new goals to light, and moving forward. In a nutshell, integration is a process that transforms your intention into reality. 

For instance, in the course of your psychedelic experience, you might have an insight into taking care of your physical health. The integration work performed around this insight would be to do more exercise, make changes to your sleep schedule, or change your diet. Since the psychedelic experience of every person is different, the process of integration will be completely different as well. 

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Some individuals decide to focus on communication, others on honesty and relationships. The tasks might be small or more nebulous. The integration activities will depend on your specific circumstances and intentions for each session. 


There are different types of psychedelic integration to take into account, such as physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional therapy. The physical type is centered on taking better care of your body, releasing some of the accumulated stress, or spending time in nature. It’s focused on the body and the sensations a person has. Check out the impact of prolonged stress. 

Some of the activities related to physical integration involve going outdoors for a walk, making body movements through yoga or exercise, taking care of your physical/mental health, etc. Psycho-spiritual integration revolves around the way you view yourself, other people, and the world. There are numerous important themes that arise in this area, which require dedicated work. 

These themes refer to the relationship a person has with his/her own mortality, the relationship with religion, spirituality, and your own existence. Psycho-spiritual integration is a way of looking into your future by considering the kind of person you wish to become, the type of person you are now, the kind of relationships you wish to have, and the work you wish to be doing. Through therapy, individuals will provide an answer to each question and take action to make them a reality. 

Emotional integration is closely related to emotional processing and the feelings that appear in your life. Individuals tend to go through times when they wish to ignore certain feelings. While trying to ignore them, the feelings usually stay inside of you and wait to be processed. Such emotions usually refer to grief, forgiveness, and gratitude. 

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In terms of grief, most individuals aren’t ready to process and accept the loss of their partner, family member, or a loved one at the time, as it’s too painful to do so. The process of forgiveness might take plenty of time, as people usually need time to forgive those that once hurt them or to forgive themselves for a number of reasons. The following link,, elaborates on the stages of grief. 

Additionally, many individuals find it difficult to focus on the beautiful aspects of their life instead of only focusing on the difficulties. The well-being of each person is largely affected by the way this person manages and regulates his/her emotions. The process of integration is all about taking care of your emotional work. 

How long does it take for psychedelic integration to be complete?

There is no universal answer to this question, as each psychedelic experience depends on the person, context, and intention. Certain integration activities can be handled pretty quickly, such as calling a friend you have refused to call for a long time or signing up for a membership in the gym. Nevertheless, there are some activities that take a much longer time to reach the endpoint of the integration journey. 

In some cases, there isn’t even an endpoint, as the process lasts a lifetime. For example, wishing to become a better parent, partner, or friend is a goal that doesn’t have an end date. In contrast, intentions like changing multiple careers to find the vocation of your dreams might take months or years to come true.

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Why is such therapy important?

It’s an essential aspect of any psychedelic experience, as it makes insights real. Integration transforms insights from concepts to reality. Any experience without it is only potential, as it highlights the potential outcome of a given action, but it doesn’t motivate individuals to get there. Conversely, integration is about moving from your momentary situation to the desired destination. 

Moreover, this form of therapy takes individuals on a journey to becoming who they want to be. It’s beneficial for everyone looking to create a long-lasting change in their life. Anyhow, you shouldn’t hope for a lasting change if you don’t do undergo such therapy right after the psychedelic experience.

To sum up

Psychedelic experiences might take place during a yoga class, meditation, or near-death experience. 

Make sure to find a therapist to provide you with the necessary support and understanding!


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