8 Questions to Ask Your Mesothelioma Lawyer

Questions to Ask Your Mesothelioma Lawyer
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After getting diagnosed with mesothelioma, you might feel overwhelmed with the multitude and magnitude of decisions you and your family will have to take. After all, as you discuss treatment plans with your cancer specialist or doctor, you’ll probably list down a few questions with their help. Just like you’ve decided to discuss treatment options, it is of the utmost importance to weigh your legal options too. Moreover, it is also equally important to develop a list of questions you will ask your lawyer before putting pen to paper. After all, your family’s financial livelihood will be at stake. So, knowing the answers to all your important questions will prove to be the difference-maker between a ‘good’ and an ‘excellent’ attorney.

With that in mind, listed below are a few questions every mesothelioma patient should ask their lawyer before hiring legal representation. Whatever happens, ensure that you get convincing answers. Otherwise, keep your options open by shortlisting a few attorneys. 

1. How Much Do I Need To Pay You?

If the lawyer you’ve shortlisted asks you to pay upfront, then you’re probably talking with the wrong one. Typically, mesothelioma lawsuits work on a contingency basis, and your lawyer won’t get paid until you win your claim. 

Furthermore, if you win your mesothelioma lawsuit, your lawyer will receive a particular percentage of the cash you were awarded as compensation from the negligent party. However, if you don’t win your claim, your mesothelioma lawyer won’t bill you for their services. 


2. Will I Have To Travel To Meet Or Will To Travel To Meet Me?

The best attorneys go above and beyond to ensure that their clients remain comfortable through the entire legal process, from start to finish. A reputable, competent attorney will go the extra mile to travel to you to discuss details of your mesothelioma case, no matter how small these details are.

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Even if you live halfway across the state, they will be up to travel and meet you wherever and whenever you want. After all, they know that you suffer from mesothelioma, and traveling won’t be an easy endeavor for you, specially if you’re undergoing treatment. 


3. Can You Tell Me The Worth Of My Mesothelioma Case?

A lawyer who tells you that they know your case’s worth before even looking at the fine print is not the right one for you. After all, it will be tricky to put a value on your mesothelioma case at the start of the legal proceedings as there will be many external factors to consider. 

For instance, every individual will have different levels of asbestos exposure. Hence, damages can vary from victim to victim. That said, when your lawyer assesses your mesothelioma case, they will factor in lost wages, emotional and physical suffering, and the cost of medical treatment. Doing so will allow them to determine a fair compensation figure that you deserve. 


4. Are You Working For A Local Or National Law Firm?

Hiring an attorney who works for a national mesothelioma law firm is the best possible course of action. Typically, national attorneys have passed the bar exam and can practice law in multiple states. Meaning, they will file your mesothelioma claim in an area of the country that will allow you to receive the highest compensation possible. So, go ahead and ensure whether the lawyers you’ve shortlisted are bar-certified and can practice in any state of the country!

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5. When Is The Best Time To File My Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

There is no shadow of a doubt that the best time to file a mesothelioma case is right after you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma or the death of a loved one who suffered from the disease. However, if you decide to procrastinate and delay legal action, you might end up dealing with legal issues. Generally, the statute of limitations determines when you should file your claim. For instance, the statute of limitations for filing a mesothelioma case in Texas is two years. So, to be on the safe side, you’d want to take legal action as soon as possible!


6. Do You Have Previous Experience With Mesothelioma Cases?

You’d want to hire a law firm or attorney that primarily focuses on handling mesothelioma cases. So, ask them how many mesothelioma cases they’ve taken in the past and their win/loss ratio. Furthermore, that doesn’t mean you hire someone who has taken one claim and won one. Instead, please take a look at their track record. Typically, if the lawyer you’ve shortlisted has handled multiple cases and won a majority of them, you can take a gamble and hire them!


7. What Will Be My Involvement After Filing A Mesothelioma Claim?

A competent mesothelioma attorney will never ask you to do any legal work. Instead, they will take care of everything on their own accord. So, you will have little to no involvement after filing your claim and as it moves through legal proceedings. However, there is one thing that you will have to do after filing your mesothelioma case; record testimony for evidence. 

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That is the only involvement you will have in the case. Your attorney will be on point to handle everything from court proceedings to presenting evidence to questioning witnesses to everything in between. So, you probably won’t have to worry about your case. Instead, keep your focus on your mesothelioma treatment.


8. Do You Know How Asbestos Trust Funds Work?

If you’re looking to hire a lawyer who doesn’t know how asbestos trust funds work, it would be wise to look elsewhere. Generally, asbestos trust funds are set up when a particular business closes up shop due to bankruptcy. The money collected in the asbestos trust funds is then utilized to compensate eligible mesothelioma victims in the future. 

The best advice anyone can give you when you’re considering filing a mesothelioma claim is to hire the best legal representation you can afford. Considering that mesothelioma lawsuits are common these days, hiring a lawyer or law firm with access to top resources and connections is critical to your claim. Therefore, preparing a list of questions to ask will help you hire the best mesothelioma you can find. 

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