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Questions Every Beginner May Have About Yoga

Questions Every Beginner May Have About Yoga
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People hear about the benefits of practicing yoga and are eager to join. However, most of today’s folks look for a beginner’s guide to yoga as they have many questions about this mystic Indian practice. 

It is any yoga instructor’s bounden duty to answer questions beginners may have as their role is not restricted to teaching alone. Most new yoga students are overwhelmed and scared sometimes about all the twisting and bending they’ve gleaned from whatever they’ve heard about yoga. But did you know that bending and twisting can do a lot of good for your gut?

Here are some common questions every beginner may have about yoga practice:

How Often Should You Practice?

The first question that pops up in any beginner’s mind is, “how many times a week should I practice?” As with any physical workout regimen, yoga too demands regular practice. Beginners may start with 2 to 3 times per week, which can slowly be increased daily. 

Initially, all the bending and twisting required for learning the alignment order may be slightly overwhelming. The important thing is consistency, and when you fall into the routine, you should be able to manage up to 30 minutes of yoga practice daily. According to the American Osteopathic Association, regular yoga practice provides physical and mental health benefits. 

Questions Every Beginner May Have About Yoga

Will You Experience Aches and Pains?

Unlike physical workout sessions at the gym, yoga is all about training, though a bit of soreness cannot be ruled out initially. Yoga involves training and coaxing your muscles to stretch more. When muscles relax suddenly, it can result in soreness, which, thankfully, vanishes as the body gets used to the routine. However, if the soreness gets worse and is unbearable, you need to ease a bit and drop to once or twice a week, but you may practice for a few minutes at home. 

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Is there a Specific Diet to Follow?

As a general rule, yoga practice has to be on an empty stomach. However, people who feel they need some energy may eat something light, containing a bit of protein and carbohydrates, at least an hour before the practice session. This is a crucial point in a beginner’s guide to yoga, which everyone must follow religiously. 

Being well-hydrated is also vital, though trying to attend a session with a hangover or after a night of heavy eating is not a very great idea. You need to go to the class after a good night’s sleep, which will refresh you. 

Do You Need to Carry Any Props?

It is common for beginners to rely on yoga blocks, blankets, and straps to provide the necessary support and confidence for beginners. Most of the yoga studios offer the props, and beginners need not worry about carrying their props. However, it is advisable to consult the yoga instructor as props are essential for supporting the hips while practicing hip opening poses. 

Is Practicing Yoga Sufficient for Losing Weight?

Many beginners are eager to practice yoga more for wellness and to lead a healthy life. However, mere yoga practice is not enough for losing weight, as that has to be coupled with a proper diet plan. Moreover, additional activities like brisk walking or running help burn more calories and lose weight. 

Summing it Up

Beginners need not be overwhelmed by yoga, as it is no longer considered a mystic practice from the East. According to scientific research, yoga helps reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and manage pain successfully. The trick lies in finding a qualified instructor who can guide you correctly. 

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