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5 Things To Consider When Buying A Glucometer

things to consider before buying a glucometer
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Many people at the risk of diabetes are often ignorant about their condition until it develops fully and becomes untreatable. Knowing your blood sugar level through regular testing is the best way to manage your diabetes and understand how foods, fluids, stress, medications, and activities affect your blood sugar level. So tracking your blood glucose by testing ensures you know first-hand when you’re at risk of diabetes and the best possible way to manage the condition.

Regular testing of your blood sugar level can be done using glucometers, a portable blood glucose meter that checks blood sugar levels. Glucometer helps track the blood sugar level by analyzing a small amount of blood drawn from a fingertip.

Glucometer kit usually contains testing strips, lancets, or small needles for pricking the finger and a logbook to record the readings of your blood sugar levels.

You start by placing the testing strip into the meter and then use the small needles or lancet to prick your skin, usually fingertips, in order to draw a small amount of blood that flows to the test trip you’ve placed on the meter, which will be analyzed by the monitor and your glucose or sugar level reading will be displayed on its digitally display in less than a minute.

You are required to test more than once since your blood sugar levels often change. This will enable you to keep track and record your blood sugar levels always.

One benefit of regular checking and monitoring of your glucose or sugar level is that it enables you to be aware of your condition. Also, being aware of your blood sugar levels will help you make good decisions concerning your diet, exercise, and medications, affecting your glucose level.

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The importance of checking your blood sugar level can’t be overestimated because it helps people know when their blood sugar levels are too high or too low, including the symptoms. When you don’t know your current blood sugar levels, they can cause serious problems to your health.

Things To Consider When Buying A Glucometer

By now, you must have learned the importance of regular checking and monitoring your blood sugar level. When buying a glucometer, you should know different types ranging from basic models to advanced ones. Here are things to consider before buying a glucometer.

1. Cost

Glucometers vary in price. Check your budget before deciding to buy one. Basic models are a lot cheaper than advanced models. The cost of a glucometer ranges from $22 to $50. The most common glucometer like Accu-chek active blood sugar monitor costs $33.

2. Ease of use and maintenance

Some Glucometers are easier to use and maintain than others. Check if the meter and the test strips feel light and easy to hold. Check the screen whether the numbers are visible to the eyes. Another thing to check is how easy it is to get the blood onto the test strips.

3. Special features

You should check if the glucometer is fitted with easy-to-use buttons and test strips. Some meters also have illuminated screens and audio, which can be useful, especially if you’ve poor vision or virtually impaired. Some glucose meters can also be used to test for blood ketone levels.

4. Storage and retrieval of information

Some glucometers track and store everything, including the time and test of a test and the readings. Some others can share your readings with your doctor via a smartphone app, while others let you download your readings to your computer or mobile phone, after which you can share with your doctor. 

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5. Support 

Before buying a glucometer, check if it comes with user manuals or clear instructions on correctly using the meter. Important, check if the meter has a toll-free number. You can call for help in case there is any problem with the meter. 


Bottom Line

Glucometers are small, computerized devices that are used to measure and track your blood glucose level. These devices are particularly helpful for people with diabetes. However, everyone can decide to get a glucometer and use it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This article has discussed some important things to consider before buying a glucometer. However, it is best to consult with your doctor or nurse for any help or recommendations when buying a glucometer.

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