Tips and Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Heart Patients

Nowadays due to sedentary lifestyles and pollution in, many people are suffering from different heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and many more. Not only are treatments for such diseases complicated, but also very costly. These makes it difficult for people to access them. In such a case, insurance for heart patients comes to the rescue. Let’s understand the benefits and tips of buying the right health insurance plan.


Benefits of Heart Insurance:

  • Covering medical expenses: We are well aware of the rising surgical and medical treatment costs for heart diseases. For a common man, it has become difficult to seek proper treatment due to the hospital expenses involved. This is when health insurance policy comes to the help of heart patients. These policies offer financial coverage to the person or family insured under the particular plan. Now that all the major costs incurred to treat the heart patient are covered under a health insurance policy, he or she can seek and thus, receive the best treatment possible. Many insurance companies provide a fixed sum of the amount at the time of diagnosis and treatment to the patient and the amount of premium charges is waived off till the duration of recovery.
  • Offering income benefits: After getting treated, heart patient needs much time to recover. It is not possible for the patient to actively work for the period for which the patient is specified to rest leading to no income for his or her daily expenses. There are many insurance companies that under the specific health insurance plan offer income benefits to heart patients for the duration of recovery. Each month a fixed amount of money is paid to the insurer so that patient is relieved of the financial stress.
  • Deduction of the tax: Buying a health insurance policy is a great way to save your money which rather was to be paid as income tax. The Income Tax Act 1961 under sections 80 C, 80D, and 10(10D) offers the exemption of tax on the amount of money paid as the insurance premium for the health insurance policy taken by a heart patient. If the insurance plan is purchased for the individual or family member then the maximum tax benefit of Rs 25000 can be availed. And in the case of a senior citizen, the maximum tax benefit is Rs 50000.
  • Offering No Claim Bonus: Many insurance companies, in case no claim has been raised by the insurer in a specified period offer ‘No Claim Bonus’. If the amount offered as NCB is not withdrawn b the insurer, then this particular amount gets accumulated, making the person insured under heart insurance eligible for the larger sum of the health coverage whenever the need arises.
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Tips to get appropriate Heart Insurance:

  • Consider the amount of money insured: Medical inflation is rising steadily, making it nearly impossible for getting the best treatment to cure heart diseases. Therefore, before you buy any particular heart insurance plan you should consider going for the plan insuring a high amount of money so that you can easily cover your major hospital expenses in case any emergency arises.
  • Calculate and evaluate the premium charged: Everyone desires to access maximum benefit at a low cost. Before you buy any insurance plan, it is important t calculate the estimated amount of premium charged through the premium calculator. It will act as a reference point to select a specific heart insurance policy offering maximum health coverage at an affordable price.
  • Benefits offered: Insurance companies offer multiple heart insurance plans at different prices and clauses. You must check the benefits offered by all the plans. Ask the insurer which heart diseases are covered by the plan? What types of treatments are covered? What will be the sum insured? If the specific plan offers cashless hospitalization? Go for the particular plan offering maximum benefits.
  • The reputation of network hospitals: Many insurance companies offer cashless hospitalization. These companies collaborate with different hospitals. A person who is insured under a particular heart insurance plan is allowed to get free treatment from such hospitals. You must go through the list having names of the network hospitals and check if these hospitals are renowned and offer the best treatments. After you are convinced with the goodwill of the network hospitals then only purchase specific heart insurance.
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Wrapping it all up!

Heart insurance acts as a life saviour for one who can’t afford the expensive treatments for their heart diseases. Care insurance is a specialized health insurer is working for many years to provide appropriate heart insurance plans to the public. Now due to this specific company, it has become easy to get customized heart insurance policies.

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