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Top 7 Natural Home Remedies for Chlamydia

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home remedies for chlamydia

Chlamydia is a type of STD, a bacterial infection caused by a specific bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis. It is a prevalent disease which can easily spread quickly from a person to another one via intercourse. It is reported that there are about one million cases in the US. Mostly, chlamydia can be treated by an antibiotic. However, extended exposure to the disease without any cure may cause negatively immortal effects. The hardest part is symptoms in women barely shows hence, it can spread from women to another person without knowing. In this article we’ll look at the symptoms of chlamydia, causes of chlamydia, as well as the effective home remedies for chlamydia.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

The bacteria can be considered as the silent killer in women since you might not know when it begins with very ignorable symptoms, yet, if it is left untreated, it can lead to negatively severe implications on your health. Here are several popular symptoms to diagnose this disease.
You will experience burning feeling or pain while urinating as well as yellow or milky white ooze from the vagina or penis. Continue scrolling down for more details about the symptoms of chlamydia.

In females:

  • Sudden urges to urinate
  • Pain and bleeding during intercourse
  • Pain in lower back and abdominal area
  • Heaviness in the hips and fever

In males:

  • Swelling and suffering in testicle region
  • Itchiness around the tip of the penis and testicle region.

If this infection is left untreated, it might lead to PID and Bartholinitis in women. Therefore, it is important to go and see a doctor to have a proper diagnosis.

Causes of Chlamydia

This bacterial infection can be resulting from a tiny microorganism called Chlamydia trachomatis. These germs reside in the penis, uterus, vagina, urethra, rectum and sometimes it may live in the eyes and throat as well. As it is an STD, those who are sexually active will have a higher chance of having this infection. Besides, it might also be transmitted by anal or oral sex with an infected person. Most of the time, due to its ignorable symptoms, the STD can be transmitted from one to another without knowing. It can be transmitted from the mother to the child during the pregnancy if the mother has been diagnosed with this bacterial infection before conceiving. After all, the primary cause of the chlamydia is due to unprotected sex or genital intercourse with an infected individual.

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Though, it might lead to negatively permanent effects; A lot of people who suffer from chlamydia have wonder if there are any natural home remedies for chlamydia?
Well there are several natural home remedies to treat this infection and speed up the healing process.

1. Olive Tree Extract
As one of the most effective natural home remedies for chlamydia, the extract can be used in various forms such as powder, salve, extract or leaf. Whichever form you are using the outcomes will be the same. For those who are developing chlamydia, olive oil extract can boost your immune system. Hence, it can reduce the likelihood of repeating the infection while preventing a bacterial infection from spreading.
Hence, you can apply this extract on the afflicted area and wait for several minutes before rinsing off with water.

2. Echinacea

Similar to olive tree extract, there are several forms of Echinacea can be consumed. Whichever form you use Echinacea will work as a cleanser for lymph in your body. Therefore, the consequences will be the same. Thanks to its antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Echinacea can be handy when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of this bacterial infection. Echinacea can significantly boost your immune system and improve your overall health without causing any unexpected side effects.

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Top Natural Home remedies for chlamydia

3. Garlic
You might not think about garlic as a cure for this disease because you do not see the link between using garlic chlamydia. The understandable explanation for this is because garlic contains various types of antibiotics, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Consume 1 – 2 cloves of garlic on a daily basis to hasten the recovery process. Besides, adding some garlic into your salad is another excellent choice to treat chlamydia. You should not cook garlic while using it as a treatment since cooked garlic has been loosening essential nutrients.
Alternatively, drink garlic juice is also an excellent option. However, sugar and honey should not be added to the juice because both of them can worsen the situation by adding more insulin into your system.

Top Natural Home remedies for chlamydia

4. Whole Beans and Grain

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Nutritionist and doctors highly recommend consuming those fiber – rich food such as whole grain or beans as they are extremely effective at getting rid of chlamydia. It is said that after consuming foods which are high in fiber content especially whole grains and beans, the healing process has been speeded up.

5. Usnea

For centuries, Usnea has been recommended as a useful solution to treat wounds or skin inflammation. Thanks to its amazing antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties, Usnea can be a very effective solution to treat chlamydia which is a bacterial infection. Besides, it works efficiently to enhance your immune system and speed up the healing process.


Top Natural Home remedies for chlamydia

6. Sage

For years, this perennial plant has been used to get rid of chlamydia. You can grate the sage leaves to create a fine powder. Add this powder to a hot cup of water and make tea from that powder. Steep it for several minutes and let it cool down. You should consume the tea when it is still warm. Consume the tea 2 – 3 times on a daily basis for several weeks till you recognize that the symptoms of chlamydia have been faded away.

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7. Goldenseal
Another useful remedy for chlamydia is goldenseal which can be used effectively against various fungal and bacterial infections of your system. This herb provides an excellent source of berberine – an enzyme can fight infectious bacteria and harmful germs. It can significantly enhance your immune system by making the white blood cells function correctly. Besides, this herb also helps you reduce itchiness and inflammation caused by this bacterial infection.
Mix the powder of goldenseal with some salt and add both of them to a cup of warm water. Mix it well and wait for 5 minutes before using this as a treatment. Clean yourself 2 – 3 times with this solution to eliminate the bacteria. After ten days, you will see the symptoms of chlamydia have faded away.

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