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How To Build A Garage Gym And Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How to build garage gym

Achieving our fitness goals has always been challenging, the training and workout might be unenjoyable. One main reason why this is so, is because of where you train. Going to a commercial gym center can be very stressful, I mean, think of it, transporting yourself
to the gym, crowds of people with occupied equipment, exhorbitant monthly fees etc. Coupled with the fact that you do have other problems to worry about. That’s why today you will learn how to build a garage gym and achieve your fitness goals.
A lot of people have found that an effective way to get the best out of your training is by building a garage gym. What is a garage gym? How can you build and organize a garage gym? How to heat and cool a garage gym? And how can you maintain your garage gym?

These questions will be answered in the most comprehensive way for you, so please read on.

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What is a garage gym

What is a Garage Gym?

A garage gym is simply a training facility in a garage.

“a building or shed for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles in which place you can host a membership organization that provides a range of facilities designed to improve and maintain physical fitness and health”. –

Jerred Moon of EndOfThreeFitness

It is a building where you place a range of fitness equipment and facilities to improve or maintain your physical fitness and health. It is essential to note some facts about a garage gym. A garage gym does not always have to be in the garage, and it does not have to cost money.
A garage gym can be used to host a small fitness membership organization.
A garage gymer is not necessarily someone that trains in garage, rather is someone that trains anywhere.

The next is how to open a garage gym. What are the basic things you require in order to start a garage gym? Read on to find out.


How To Build A Garage Gym

Setting up a garage gym requires effort and clever planning. It doesn’t have to be expensive, so have in mind that you can build a garage gym on a budget. I will explain the vital steps in building a good garage gym even on a budget.

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How to build garage gym

1. Understand your fitness goals

Basically a garage gym is created to improve and maintain your physical health and fitness. It should also be used to help you achieve your fitness goals. So, you need to understand what your fitness goals are before creating a garage gym. Are you building a garage gym to shed a few pounds? Or to bulk up your muscles? What equipments in the garage gym can help you do that?
The garage gym amenities should equal your basic fitness necessities. The kinds of fitness goals you set will determine how you build your garage gym.

How to build garage gym

2. Prepare the garage

After you have prepared your mind and made your plans, the next step is to get the garage ready. Beautify the garage by adding eco-friendly home decor LED neon signs. You need to be very organized to set the garage up, remove all the unnecessary things in the garage and create enough space as possible.
You can choose to either store the fitness equipments in the garage or elsewhere. I would prefer you store it in the garage for easier access. To do this you need to create an effective storage system.

Here are a few storage ideas for your garage gym equipment;

  •  Use a wall for stackable containers
  •  Hang storage containers from the ceiling
  •  Create a small compartment for keeping the equipments.

The most important thing is creating enough space, and utilizing the space well.

3. Buy the equipments

The next and most difficult step is purchasing the fitness equipment. Remember, a garage gym does not have to cost you
money, and it does not have to be free. It depends on you, if you want to build a garage gym on a budget, you need to plan your spending before making each purchase. Another thing is where you make the purchase, many advise against buying the equipments in Wal-Mart or online. You can build a garage gym for as low as $500.
To make it happen you need to create some fitness equipments on your own. In a guest article, Jerred Moon outlined and explained some DIY projects in setting up a garage gym. He concisely explained how to create a plyometric box,  power rack, medicine Ball and parallettes on your own, instead of buying them.

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But there are some essential training equipment you need to buy like;

• Squat rack,
• Tire sled,
• Sledge hammer
• Dumbbell handles
• Weight set
• Kettlebells
• gymnastic rings and grips.
• Other peripheral equipments.

You can buy used products to save cost, but make sure you get quality equipments.

4. Organize the garage gym

When you have bought the equipments the next step is to organize the garage gym. Focus on keeping each equipment orderly in a way that each one can be easily assessed and used. I recommend that the area you use for strength training should be very spacious and far from other equipments.


How to build garage gym

5. Train!

The last step is to train! train! train! After you’ve set everything up, you should begin your strength training as soon as you can. Choose a convenient time to train and stick to it regularly. Use the equipments according to your immediate needs, with time you can purchase new ones. Train with others and have fun enjoying your garage gym.


How To Maintain Your Garage Gym

It is also vital that you know how to maintain your garage gym, so that you can exercise comfortably. So, if you are wondering how to clean your garage gym? or how to cool or heat your garage gym? You should read this.

1. Clean up the garage gym 
It will be easy to leave the garage gym messy after a strenuous strength training, but the garage gym should be kept clean at all times. After your WOD set out a time that same day to clean up the garage. This helps you  maintain a good hygiene and enjoy your strength training.
Use a leaf blower to clear leaves from the garage.

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2. Arrange your equipments

Make sure your equipments are properly arranged after working out, so as to ensure workout safety. Arrange the equipments after training in a good storage area, where they can be easily accessible.


3. Cool your garage gym

If you live a humid region, you should keep your home gym cool. Strenuous strength training can cause you to sweat profusely and could lead to heat stroke. That’s why you also need to cool your garage gym. There are some basic ways to do so. First, a humidity monitor will be beneficial here, so you can know when the temperature is dropping. Buy a window unit air conditioner and install it in the garage gym. Open the garage gym doors and create window spaces. Additionally use multiple fans.

4. Heat the garage gym

On the hand if you are training in a cold climate how can you heat the garage gym? This is important because a cold garage gym is uncomfortable to workout in. Coupled with the fact that the equipments will be too cold and become inconvenient. You can install a heater or heat pump. Make sure the garage is properly insulated with effective heating systems.

I hope that by now you’ve learnt how to build your garage gym and maintain it properly. Remember that fitness is about making tough choices and sticking to it, so your body can benefit!

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