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5 Essentials to Keep in Your Sports Bag

Essentials to Keep in Your Sports Bag
Written by Collins Nwokolo

If you’re going out to exercise, then there are some essential items you just don’t want to forget.

Keeping your sports bag well-stocked is the perfect way to ensure you have a great workout, and there are certain items you’ll want to make sure you have.

Essentials to Keep in Your Sports Bag

Essentials to Keep in Your Sports Bag

1. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout your workout is extremely important. It will help you perform better and ward off injuries, but many people aren’t very good at drinking water regularly.

It’s all well and good, relying on wherever you’re going to have a drinking fountain, but it will make your life much easier if you’ve got a reusable water bottle you can take with you wherever you go.

Your sports bag should keep all of your essentials, and there are few things as essential as a water bottle. Thus, always remember to stay hydrated during intense workouts, as it will help you avoid burnout.

2. Shower Items

It’s always nice to be able to clean off straight after a workout with a good shower. Even if you normally shower at home, you never know when your plans might change, and you have to shower at the gym, so it’s always worth keeping some shower items and a change of clothes in your sports bag.

This gives you a little bit more flexibility if your plans do change, and all it takes is keeping a few extra items in your bag.

3. Spare Clothes

You might think this is a repeat of point two, but it’s not! Always pack extra of the essentials and leave them in your bag just in case you forget them the next time.

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When it’s mid-winter, and you’ve just taken a nice warm shower, you don’t want to be faced with the choice of not wearing socks, or wearing your sweaty worn ones just because you forgot to pack a fresh pair.

If you leave some extras in your bag at all times, then you guarantee you won’t be left without the important items!

4. First Aid

You never know when you might require a first aid kit, so it’s a great idea to keep one in your sports bag.

Most of the facilities you will use will have first aid provisions, but there are still lots of situations where a first aid kit can come in handy. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked with all the essentials such as antibiotic ointment, and you might find it makes a difference in an emergency situation.

5. Towels

You can’t have too many towels! Whether it’s to wipe the sweat off your brow during your workout or to dry yourself off after your shower, it’s always a pain if you’ve forgotten your towel.

It’s another item you can make sure you’ve always got by packing extras and keeping them topped up. Your towel is one of those essential items that’s easy to forget, but once you get into the habit of repacking them after each session, it becomes second nature.



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