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How Unhealthy Eating Can Lead to Snoring?

Written by Collins Nwokolo

Eating is the most wonderful thing to do in this world for many people. Who wouldn’t? Some people even consider eating as a stress reliever. Aside from the fact that people need to eat to live, we can’t help eating more when there are so many delicious foods to choose from. Fries, burger, pizza, pasta, doughnuts, chocolates, bread, meat, fruits, and vegetable are the foods that we eat every day. Some people can’t eat without the meat; some are fruits, some health-conscious people prefer vegetables and some who don’t care eats what they crave for. But it is important for us to know what the right food is and what is not. Being healthy means staying away from many diseases. Yes, eating is good, but everything that is too much is not.

How unhealthy eating can lead to snoring9

Are you a snorer? If yes, does it ever cross your mind that what you eat can be the cause of your snoring? Apparently, what you eat can be connected to your snoring. How? Let us know first the reason why you snore.

Snoring is the result of the vibration of the tissues in your throat caused by a narrow airway. This occurrence only happens when a person is unconscious or asleep. A narrowed airway can be caused by many things including a thick tissue in the throat. This tissue is excess fat that comes from what we eat. If you notice, many people with overweight often snore. That is usually because they have thick muscle tissues in their throat. It will narrow down the airway, and when the air passes, the tissue will vibrate and cause a sound. But the thing is slim people can also have thick tissues in their throat, so no one is actually an exemption.

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Another cause of snoring that can be related to food is the relaxation of the muscle. When the muscle relaxes, it will result in compression and soon narrow down the way of the air. Some foods contain relaxant that you have to be aware of.
Other causes are when the tongue blocks the way, wrong sleep position, clogged nose, an elongated uvula. Let me enlighten you more on what role are the foods play in a person’s snoring.


Foods that snorers should avoid

How unhealthy eating can lead to snoring

Some foods make the muscle in our body relax and cause excess fats in the throat. Those two can cause snoring at night. It is important to be aware of the things that may harm you so here are some foods to avoid for a peaceful sleep at night.

1. Sugar

this is bad news for sweet lovers. Processed sugar can be acidic that will result to produce more mucus that clogs the nose. Lots of sweets such as chocolates, energy drinks, pies, soft drinks, desserts, etc. contains heavy sugars. So limit your consumption of sweets and drink plenty of water instead of soft drinks to have a peaceful sleep.

2. Dairy products

this is the most popular contributor to snoring. Most people prefer cow’s milk to drink but what they don’t know is that when you consume this milk, your body will produce more mucus. And what’s even bothering is that we usually drink it before and after we sleep. Cheese lover will not like this information, but they need to be aware of the things that may harm them.

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3. Alcohol

Have you ever wondered why drunk people snore? Well, that is because alcohol contains relaxant that makes the muscle in our body relax including the muscle tissues in our throat. That is why whenever you see advertisements about alcohol, they always advice us to drink moderately. I’d also like to add smoking to this. Though this is not food, people tend to add this to the fun. Smoking will only irritate your throat and also causes snoring.


Foods that help stop snoring.

We all know that a healthy diet with the help of exercise will surely make your body healthy and away from any ailments. In this section, I am giving you a list of foods that can help you stop making noises at night.

Honey – just by adding a spoonful of honey in your tea, it will soothe your throat and lessen the swelling. That is why it is a good way to help colds. One of the reasons why we snore is a clogged nose.

Pineapple – this fruit has an anti-inflammatory content that is good for the throat.

Peppermint – gargle water with peppermint oil, and it will lessen the swelling in your throat. It is an effective way to have a good night of sleep.
Horseradish – this vegetable is a good help in drying up the extra mucus that causes clogged nose.

Turmeric – this is popular in easing an inflamed passage in the nose because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea – green tea is good for reducing phlegm that is one of the causes of snoring. Aside from that, green tea helps reduce fats in the body.

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Final Thought

Food is our daily need, but if we consume more than what we need, that is where the problem will arise. A balanced diet is important to maintain the stability of our body, to function well. Snoring may look like a minor problem, but if we ignore it, many ailments will follow. That is why it is essential to know and be aware of the things that might give you trouble for you to know what to do.

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