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10 Simple Ways to Embrace Ayurveda Lifestyle

Ways to Embrace Ayurveda Lifestyle
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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a basic need in today’s world. In every step of life, you need to be conscious about what you do. Having a healthy mind and body is nothing less than a blessing in the modern era. Science to life is Ayurveda because it instills us to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. Ayurveda tenets intensify the connection between the body and mind; a healthy body creates a healthy mind and so forth. Ayurvedic lifestyle also focuses on the “Prevention is better than cure” principal. You need to try the Ayurveda style and feel the exciting happenings. Here are the 10 simple ways that will give you a complete overview of Ayurveda Lifestyle:



1. Eat Healthy Food

Prefer eating hot food and add a small portion of salad as well. In order to aid digestion, season your warm food with spices. In order to have perfect digestion avoid heavy liquid intake during taking meals because digestive acids can be diluted resulting in assimilation and poor digestion.

Often people are interested to eat frozen, canned and processed food, Ayurveda style recommends to eat fresh and healthy food otherwise your body will be prone to toxins. In winter season, load the root vegetables in stews and soups. In seasons like summer and spring, eat lighter food. Moreover, don’t skip breakfast because it would initiate the unsettled emotions and irritability. For breakfast prefer Ojas, cooked apples, and hot cereal and juicy fruits. This will enhance the overall wellbeing, immunity, strength, and vitality of your body.


2. Eat When You Are Hungry

Eat when you feel hungry and prefer eating after certain intervals. This would make sure that your last meal got enough to be fully digested and the system is ready to cater to the fresh influx of food. Ayurveda style recommends eating as per the schedule and only at the time of hunger otherwise you can face poor digestion and gaining weights disorders called “Kapha”.

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3. Your Body’s Natural Urges Should Never be Suppressed

Don’t disturb the Vata in the body because it would lead to several health problems like difficulty in breathing and bloated feeling and more. It is only caused by suppressing the urges of the body like flatus, burp, cough, etc.


4. Lessen Caffeine Intake and Drink More Water 

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As per the Ayurveda style, you should reduce caffeine intake for having better sleep and digestion. Staying hydrated is one of the recommendations from the Ayurveda gurus. On the other hand, if you are addicted to caffeine you should take it in the first half of the day. Avoid taking it in late evenings or in nights because it would slow down the pace of the night and you won’t have a healthy sleep.


5. Have a Fully Functional Daily Routine

In everyday life, you must follow the perfect routine. You should have disciplined timings for each and everything. For instance, walk time, eating time and sleeping time should be similar for all days. The best time to wake up is 6 AM and sleep is 10 PM, according to Ayurveda. Don’t skip your meals and adopt the regular and consistent eating habits. That’s how the food gets enough time to be fully digested. Walk as per the schedule, and follow the tridoshic style exercise. Tridoshic style not only nourishes the senses but also calms down the mind.


6. Sleep Stress-Free

It is mandatory to have a good sleep because it detoxifies and rejuvenates the body. Throughout the body vibrant energy is circulated which strengthen the immune system and our inner cells work properly. In order to have the peaceful sleep, calm down yourselves by utilizing the lavender liquid castile soap and take bath before bed because on mind it has calming effects and also reduces the stress and anxiety. Avoid smartphones and a lot of TV before bed. Moreover, take deep breaths, which would help you to have an instant sense of wellbeing. Sleeping early would create dynamic activity inside you. Follow the deep rest and blissful sleep formulas suggested by Ayurveda style. You can also learn about some ayurvedic tips for stress relief.

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7.  Walk, Exercise and Stay Active

Exercises do wonders for the body especially the morning walk. What makes us feel good is the peace of mind and that can be only obtained by releasing the serotonin and endorphins. These things are removed by exercising in a plentiful manner. Furthermore, in order to maintain Agni in the body practice physical activities like swimming, cycling, walking, and yoga. Every bit of the physical activity helps, i.e. walk and talk, walk to the bus stop, for couples of floors utilize stairs. Until you sweat you should do exercise is recommended by Ayurveda.


8. Feel Positive 

We all have often heard about the “Law of Attraction”. The same goes with the Ayurveda style. It is as simple as thinking good and positive. If you think positive, positive will come to you like. For instance, go lively, make friends, enjoy perfect movements, appreciate small gestures and you will have the peaceful and beautiful things around.


9. Keep the Digestive System Healthy

As stated above, good health can lead towards a healthy life. In order to have a healthy life, you should have a good digestion. Don’t eat the foods which upset your stomach, which can result in constipation. Stay active and prefer fibrous food which would ease the proper bowel movement. On the other side, if it happens, take the Ayurvedic Bilvadi Churna which is made of seed and bel fruit because this will give you instant relief from an upset stomach.



1o. At Least 20 Minutes A Day Practice Meditation

Ayurveda style recommends practicing a minimum of 20 minutes of mediation every day. Close your eyes for a few minutes, sit down, and disconnect with the world. This will release all kinds of stress and you will have a positive inner feeling in the long run. When you are feeling unwell, have some imbalances or discomfort, this technique would release the negative impacts and balances the overall psychology. Additionally, you can have an intimate meditation if you carry out this activity in a natural environment. This integral part would give you a soothing sense of connection to nature.

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Ways to Embrace Ayurveda Lifestyle



A healthy and better mind is the key to success. Ayurveda lifestyle makes your mind and body healthy. You must have a fully functional routine in everyday life. You must follow disciplined timings for walking, eating and sleeping every day. Eat hot food daily on time and add salad as well to the food which will aid digestion, and season your warm food with spices. Eat lighter food in seasons like summer and spring and eat when you feel hungry and prefer eating after certain intervals. Moreover, if you are addicted to caffeine you should take it in the first half of the day. Practice physical activities like swimming, cycling, walking, and yoga daily that will boost the body with vibrant energy. Furthermore, don’t eat the foods which upset your stomach, which can result in stomach problems.  Furthermore, no doubt there are problems in life but think positive, positive will come to you all the way. That’s how your mind and body will remain healthy, active and full of positive vibes.

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