E-Health: How Technology Improves Our Health

How Technology Improves Our Health
Written by Collins Nwokolo

The technology applied to the healthcare environment is called e-health, that is, a set of technical tools that are used in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, as well as in health management, saving costs to the healthcare system and improving the effectiveness of this. To get more about health gadgets you can find it here at NoFluffTech.

According to the Association of e-Health Researchers (AIES), e-health encompasses different health products and services, such as mobile applications, telemedicine, wearable devices (for monitoring that are integrated into clothing and accessories), Big Data , support systems for clinical decision, the Internet of things or health video games, among others.

Pharmaceutical technology

At the end of 2017, the Medicines Agency launched a new, improved version of the EudraVigilance system, the community information system of suspected adverse reactions to authorized medicines. This system makes it easier for marketing authorization holders and clinical trial sponsors to report suspected adverse reactions. Thus, the information is easily available for the benefit of patient safety.

This example shows how the blockchain is being introduced in all areas of the health sector with the approval of the highest institutions, as it provides the opportunity to process large amounts of data in real-time. The main benefit revolves around the detection of risk situations and reacting before them quickly and efficiently.

With all the data available, the next logical step is to move towards pharmacokinetics, the part of the genetic study that is dedicated to investigating the effects of medications on the individual organism. Each person reacts differently to the effectiveness of the medicines. According to the results of a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, the drugs consumed have a range of effects that varies between 25 and 60%.

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Mobile can save lives

Diagnostics at home is another of the e-health modalities. For this, the use of a tool as widespread as the mobile and health apps offer a range of possibilities depending on the public or the purpose for which they are intended:


From requesting online appointments, locating medical centers and cadres, to correctly monitoring the disease. The possibilities of PPPs allow real-time clinical monitoring.

Health professionals:

Thanks to the ease in obtaining information, doctors can check the status of patients, the medical agenda, or the activities programmed in the center, and even receive relevant alerts.

However, the mobile is not the only technological path that the sector benefits from. Wearable devices are increasingly common among people.

How Technology Improves Our Health


Mostly used to prevent and control cardiovascular diseases through heart rate control.


One of the most anticipated novelties are those adapted for the blind, sunglasses with two micro-cameras and headphones, which provide an acoustic image of the space.


Depending on the condition, bracelets can be found that control the state of health, for example, keep track of epileptic seizures and predict a future attack.

The benefits of e-health

The rise of technology and the Internet has facilitated the incorporation of great innovations into everyday life. The pharmaceutical sector also benefits from these advances, and the advantages of e-health are many:

  • A shorter line is created between doctor-patient. The contact is more direct, whether it is established a time of face-to-face visit or if it is contacted through other digital communication channels.
  • The early detection of diseases is enhanced. The history of each patient is at hand, thanks to Big Data.
  • Disease control is daily. The quality of patient care increases, thanks to continuous monitoring.
  • New jobs are created. In 2014, a Commission of a country and 180 companies and research organizations launched the world’s largest civilian program in innovation and robotic research that will generate new jobs.
  • Equitable and universal health is encouraged. The e-health helps bring health closer to more people, especially those at risk of exclusion can access care without being so exposed.
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In short, the use of technological tools in the pharmaceutical sector in particular and that of health, in general, improves the quality of life of healthy and sick people, as well as facilitating the work of medical professionals and researchers.

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