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Why Cooking With Pressure Cookers Are Healthy

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Pressure cooking is an art that has been around for the longest time. Historians date this cooking technique as far back as 300 years ago. There have been several myths propagated about the benefits of pressure cooking. One of these benefits is that it saves up to 90 percent of the precious cooking time. But did you know that a pressure cooker ranks among the best cooking methods in terms of health benefits? Below are some of the health benefits associated with pressure cookers.
Why Cooking With Pressure Cookers Are Healthy
1. Provides superior nutrient retention
Research has estimated that up to 50 percent of nutrients found in food are depleted due to lack of nutrients in the soil. This is further made worse by the fact that a greater percentage of the remaining nutrient composition in foods is drained by the various cooking methods due to exposure to heat for long periods of time. According to a study published in the journal of food science, broccoli retained 90 percent of its nutrients when pressure cooked compared to 66 percent when heated and 78 percent when steamed.
2. Pressure cooking reduces harmful compounds such as carcinogens and acrylamides
Pressure cooking basically uses the principle of steam under pressure when cooking. This allows the food to stay moist as it is being cooked. This helps in getting rid of harmful cancer-causing agents such as heterocyclic amines and acrylamides. In addition to that, it also helps in making the food tastier by retaining most of the flavor in foods. Another study published in Plant foods for human nutrition showed that soaked and boiled peas lose their phytic acid content by 29 percent while soaked and pressure cooked peas loses their phytic acid contend by 54 percent.
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3. Helps in digestion
As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Here we say, you are what you absorb. Foods cooked with pressure cookers are more likely to be digested easily than those cooked by boiling. By boosting the digestibility of foods, it means that all nutrients in the food will be absorbed in the body which leads to greater health in the long run. Pressure cookers have the ability of breaking down even the toughest foods to ensure they are soft and ready for absorption. It has been proven that pressure cooked food are 84 percent more likely to be digested than non-pressure cooked foods.
4. Reduced fat content
Foods cooked with pressure cookers have less fat content than other foods. Pressure cooking seeks to deliver heat deep into the food in the shortest time possible. While using a pressure cooker, you do not need to increase any water or cooking oil into your food as you cook. This reduces your fat consumption by a huge margin if compared with the normal way of cooking. By reducing your fat intake, you are able to stay below your heart-healthy requirement of calories.
5. Safe food temperatures
Pressure cooking is ideal when you want to cook food to their desired temperatures. People who live in high altitudes environment may find it difficult to heat their meals to the desired temperatures that would kill the food-borne pathogens found in foods. This is because it becomes difficult to achieve those high temperatures especially when using the regular cooking methods. This is where pressure cooking comes in handy. Pressure cookers can heat food up to 140 degrees which ensures that the food is well cooked and all pathogens are killed. Under-cooking food may cause serious problems such as food poisoning and other related problems.
Why Cooking With Pressure Cookers Are Healthy
Pressure cooking is definitely one of the best and most convenient cooking methods and its health benefits cannot be overemphasized.
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