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Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important for Maintaining Oral Health

Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important
Written by Collins Nwokolo

No matter how you look at it, your teeth play a great role in your personal appearance. You might have glowing skin, silky hair, or beautiful eyes; but if some of your teeth are missing or you have decayed teeth, your overall appearance is affected. Do you know what the most charming element in your face is? Your smile! Your smile says a lot about your personality, and it is through your smile that other people are attracted to you.

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you have a good set of teeth and a beautiful smile, that’s all you need! It is a part of a pleasing personality. 

As children, we were often taught how to take care of our teeth properly. Our parents always emphasized the value of oral hygiene and how it maintains a good set of teeth. One of the most common things taught to us was to avoid eating excessive chocolates and candies since sweets lead to cavities. Also, to strengthen our teeth, our parents often told us to drink milk regularly. Brushing and flossing regularly are some of the first steps to maintaining oral hygiene. But did you know brushing, flossing, and cleaning your teeth are not enough? 

These habits might reduce plaque formation, but other factors can contribute to dental problems. This is why you need to visit your dentist often. 

Why Regular Dental Visits Are Important

Why do you need to visit a reliable dentist regularly?

You might know many people who are afraid to visit their dentists, they are yet to overcome dental anxiety. Kids and adults alike think that visiting the dentist means losing a tooth. However, this might not always be the case. A dentist just checks the condition of your teeth and gums and conducts appropriate treatments to solve dental problems.

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Modern dentistry is far more advanced than what we have often perceived in our childhood. Dental treatments nowadays are noninvasive or are minimally invasive, which causes little to no pain. Note that the dentists would not do anything without knowing your concerns. Dental visits are done only to make sure that your mouth and teeth are healthy and should be a relaxing, pain-free experience for the patients. Here are some reasons why you need to visit a dentist regularly:

Complete checks. A complete checkup is conducted, including a careful examination of your face, head, neck, throat, and tongue. A complete check is conducted to look for any signs of degradation, swelling, or cancer.

Plaque and tartar control. You might do regular brushing and flossing, but plaque is stubborn and will not be easily removed by simple brushing at home. This is when a professional dentist uses special dental equipment to remove stubborn tartar from every corner of your teeth. This process is known as scaling. Once your teeth are scaled, a greasy substance is applied on the teeth to polish them. This helps to remove the surface stain of the teeth. And finally, dentists use floss to make sure the areas between the teeth are cleaned as well.

Gum health. Another benefit of visiting the dentist regularly is to keep your gums healthy. Maintaining your gums is a vital part of oral hygiene. Ignoring your gums can lead to severe gum disease. Only a professional can detect any sort of gum-related problems.

Proper treatment. Dentists can provide specific advice and treatment according to your needs. Often when people face any kind of health issues, they turn to the internet and look for information related to their problem. Unfortunately, most information online may not be reliable. But when you have regular dental checkups, you will receive appropriate guidance on how to maintain proper oral health. Visiting your dentist regularly can help you build a good relationship with your doctor, which will allow them to provide you with specific need and support for a long time.

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Things to maintain in each dental visit

Apart from visiting the dentist regularly, there are few steps to perform from your end too to maintain overall oral hygiene. Even after your dentists use special dental equipment to clean and scale your teeth, plaque formation cannot be stopped. Every time you eat, food particles get stuck in between your teeth, leading to plaque formation. The only way to protect your teeth is by brushing and flossing regularly. Below are some tips to help you maintain good oral health:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily and use toothpaste with fluoride.
  • Use mouthwash to keep your mouth free from bacteria. This helps control plaque formation too.
  • Floss your teeth daily with dental floss, which is readily available in department stores.

What happens if you don’t have regular dental checkups?

Oral health is a part of our overall health. If your teeth and gums are not given proper treatment, your other vital organs such as your heart may be affected. An example is when someone is suffering from bleeding gums and is not detected at the right time. The bacteria in the mouth can enter the bloodstream, causing blood clots which can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Poor oral health can also lead to respiratory issues and diabetes.

Final thoughts

When you have strong, cavity-free, healthy teeth, you will have the extra confidence to interact and communicate with people. After all, a pleasant appearance and confidence go side by side. Also, a good set of teeth maintains the shape of your face and can impact your speech to a great extent. Apart from all these, when you have a good set of teeth, you can avoid other physical complications and diseases. 

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So what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with your dentist as soon as possible and keep yourself free from complications.



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