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Why And When You Need An Oral & maxillofacial Surgery

We all want to look beautiful. We want a dazzling smile so that we can floor the world. All this is onlypossible when our teeth and gums are free from troubles. After all, a good appearance is not
possible with problems in the oral cavity or in maxillofacial region. This is when we turn to the orthopedic and plastic surgeon of the facial
region to get the charms of smile and appearance boosted. These surgeons can qualified and skilled enough to get rid us of problems of facial region and jaw.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

More so, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are a unique type of dental professionals combining the knowledge of standard dentistry, general surgery, emergency medicine and anesthesiology together. They are also unique in the sense that they can administer sedation of all levels up to general anesthesia, which only
anesthesiologists are authorized for and qualified for. Their biggest role is fixing the issues with the alignment of your jaws and they are needed for complex treatments requiring invasive procedures and sedation of deeper levels. So, you can consult
them for any complex dental problems involving the jaw and surgery to any aspect.

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 Who is an oral & maxillofacial surgeon?

The jaw is an important aspect to our face. It can have problems which we have to get rid of at the earliest. This is when we turn to an oral &
maxillofacial surgeon who can be a lot of things including –

• A specialist concerned with the soft
and hard tissues of the oral cavity

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• A surgeon for maxillofacial region such as teeth, jaw bones, nose, cheek bones and chin area

• A doctor for doing diagnosis, surgery and treatment of the oral cavity and jaw region

• A surgeon able to provide treatment
for diseases, defects and injuries of the oral cavity and jaw area
• An expert capable of treating both functional and aesthetic aspects of
the jaw region and oral cavity

Dental problems
treated by oral & maxillofacial surgeons

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

We approach an oral & maxillofacial surgeons to get treatment for oral cavity and jaw region problems. We expect some surgeries and procedures to be done to find solution for our problems, which may include –

• We need such surgeons for teeth extraction purposes where
simple procedure and complicated surgeries are involved for the task.

• We consult such surgeons to get removed the impacted teeth, like wisdom teeth so that no future pain or problem can
impact our dental health in any ways

• These surgeons are also helpful in getting cysts and tumors of facial region so that no serious dental problems can take root in the oral

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• They can treat the TMJ disorders so that the pain, headache, chewing difficulty, clicking sounds etc. can be treated either using surgical or non- surgical procedures

• They can also replace the missing natural tooth/teeth with a dental
implant where the implant is placed into the jaw so that bone can develop around and provide proper support to the structure

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• They are also trained in surgical removal of excess tissues from
nose and throat so that some respiratory problems can be treated with ease

• Such surgeons can also remove excess bone from the jaw region and allow problems to solve.

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• Patients with
injuries to face can be treated by these surgeons
so that they can get right alignment and
positioning of the teeth, jaw and gums for a
better look

• They can also use laser dentistry to
minimize bacterial infections or also to lessen the
damage to surrounding tissue • You can rely on an oral and Maxillofacial surgery to get treatment for  for every
problem of the jaw and oral cavity

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