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The Real Cause of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease



Dentists are there to help you understand the importance of keeping good oral hygiene and following proper dental care. If you fail to do any, the results can be loss of teeth and infections where you dentist will help you resolve the problem.

If you do not visit your family dentist because of the fear hitting your nerves, then you should be perfect in your dental care regime so you won’t need the expert. But, visiting your dentist should be a routine and keeping an account of your mouth condition is vital.
When we fail to address our oral health, we become prone to gum diseases and tooth decays. The both conditions result from the imbalance we create in our mouth by either doing something in excess or not doing it at all (the dental care).
Plenty of information is available online for people to understand their dental care routine, but some take the details too far. There are people who do things in excess which further increases the severity of the condition. Here is what actually causes gum D
disease and tooth decay:
The Real Cause of Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
Understand that the oral health results by creating a balance in the mouth and your body. Both these conditions-Gum disease and tooth decay-result from imbalance between the good and bad bacteria. There’s an efficient and inefficient immune system, which becomes a result of healthy and unhealthy choice of food and lifestyle.
The Solution as Seen/Told- Patients has been seen brushing their teeth harder and flossing frequently. They get fluorides placed on their teeth for making them harder and stronger. Teeth’s get filled into the grooves with filling materials to prevent tooth decay. Last, a great number of recommendations and procedures are taken by the patients for preventing the disease and decay.
The emphasis on understanding the real cause of gum disease and tooth decay however goes missing. Yet if you eliminate the cause of the disease, you simply prevent the disease from occurring. So, as discussed with Dr. Jordan Balvich, DMD, PC on our visit to Rensselaer Dentist, we are compiling a list of recommendations for preventing Tooth Decay and Gum Disease from happening in the very beginning.
Recommendation for Preventing Tooth Decay and Gum Disease:
• Keep a good control of your diet. Eat nutrient dense food, which in return will build elements supporting health mouth and balanced bacteria.
• Forget about taking sugars, processed grains, and sodas (fizzy drinks). This kind of food stuff feeds unhealthy bacteria, increases the level of acid produced, and compromises the immune system of the mouth.
• Clean your teeth and gums efficiently. Brush twice a day with a toothbrush angled into the gums that can remove clumps of plaque. Use dental floss for eliminating the small food particles stuck between the teeth.
• Remember to always brush your tongue. Harmful bacteria and decaying food remnants thrive on its surface which can be the major cause of bad breath.
Each and every person should have the knowledge of the cause and prevention of diseases. It is vital to always repair the damage that causes the disease. Dentist might be a fear for many of us, but seeing the dentist regularly can save you from the severity of the condition that you seem to take it lightly.
Moreover, having your natural teeth is better than alternatives.
Your dental care routine should not be compromised while your diet can be the actual cause of this many other conditions. Eat healthy and you will stay healthy, while prevention can do wonders.
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