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5 Life Tips to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

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Who would have thought that losing testosterone could be so dangerous? Yes, you’ve
heard it right. Put it down in the list of potential risks in the same form as losing bone density,
muscle mass and a lower sex drive. Having low
testosterone levels can do all of that and more-
studies prove that the high testosterone levels is essential in the prevention of prostrate cancer, development of
heart diseases and even living a longer life.
Low testosterone levels also mean you are more
prone to underperforming in the bedroom. No
matter what the cause of having an inadequate
supply of it, you’ll need to increase your
manpower, fast!
Fortunately for you, there are natural and
effective ways of keeping testosterone levels up
without resorting to steroids and other
supplements. Here are 5 ways to elevate your testosterone
levels and live a fuller life:

1. Drink Moderately
See the warning sign on each beer bottle you
down? Don’t ignore it, as this could potentially
lower your testosterone levels to a minimum. As it turns
out, attending the happy hour each night can
lead to a loss in testosterone. Research shows
how men who drank steadily for 3 weeks had a
significant decrease of their testosterone hormones. If you
don’t want the same to happen to your
manliness, then it would be best to drink
moderately. About a glass or two of beer or
wine daily should suffice in getting your testosterone
hormones up and running.
2. Pump That Iron
Need more reasons to go to the gym and have
a manly workout? Look no further than the
correlation between lifting weights and
increasing testosterone levels. Studies have
shown how men who push iron in a regular
manner had more testosterone hormones pumping through
their systems- around 50% more boost than
their non-working counterparts.
The explanation behind this is simple. As you
work out and increase muscle mass, your body
works overtime in producing precious
testosterone. But don’t get overzealous and
work out 12 to 16 hours daily, as two trips to
the gym per week should suffice.
3. Check Your Waist
It makes perfect sense that the flabs around
your waist can dictate how much testosterone is being
pumped out of your system. The fact is that
you get lower testosterone hormones as your
waist size gets bigger and bigger. Consider the
following facts presented here- a few points up
the index on body mass can lead up to a 30-
pound increase for a guy with a height of
around 5’10 at a staggering loss on the testerone index
by about 10 years!
Why not get a 2 in 1 deal with shaping up and
losing that spare tire? Combine your gym
workouts with exercises that target the fat
around your abdomen. You’ll also benefit from
having a flatter tummy and in losing up to 50
pounds when you finally get off that couch and
start exercising seriously.
4. Eat Healthy Fats
Despite what modern health experts or the
media say, some fats can be good for your
health. We’re talking about the ones that could
increase your all-important testosterone levels.
Skipping on fat can make you stay lean, but it
comes with an adverse effect on testosterone. A particular
study shows how men who eat a lot of fats are
the ones who also have the highest levels when
it comes to testosterone. The advice is not to
gorge on all kinds of fat you can find, but be
smart enough to eat the good ones. Eat foods
such as nuts or fish, as they are rich in
mono saturated fats to protect your heart and testosterone.
5. Keep Your Stress In Check
Nothing depletes the big T than having raised
stress levels all the time. Being agitated on both
physical and mental aspects can really put the
drain on testosterone hormone production! Is
there a direct relation to stress and dropping testosterone
levels? You bet. As you get more stressed, the
levels of cortisone is increased, which means
your body’s ability to produce testosterone gets
This means working out mindlessly won’t help
in producing more testosterone. Stop when you feel
fatigued, as you are likely to be more at risk for
injury. Keep on the safe side so you can gain all
those testosterone without the risk of losing it.
You can do cardio exercises or hit the gym in
moderation. Find the reason for your stress and
eliminate it at the roots.
I hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully learned something cool.


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Author’s Bio:
Preston Pilgrim is a fitness enthusiast.
If you have any
question regarding testosterone or anything else
related to fitness, feel free to reach out to
him on Facebook or Twitter and I will be more than
willing to answer any questions to help you out.

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