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10 Healthy Things That Will Make You Happier Right Now

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Things that will make you happy
 Today, not many people are happy, and it could be because of varying situations and circumstances. But despite any problems we might be facing, you can choose to be happy. A happy person is a healthy person.
What does it mean to be happy? Happiness is a feeling, it’s the feeling that arises from, consciousness of wellbeing or of enjoyment.
Being happy is essential to in living a healthy life. In a world were unhappiness is very common, how do you remain happy?
Today you’ll learn about 10 healthy things that will you happier right now!. These things are scientifically proven to improve your mood and you can easily do them.
1. Listening to Music.
No one can deny the awesome power music has on us. The lyrics that relate to us can bring out a lot of emotions inside us. Listening to music is a great way to improve your mood. It doesn’t matter the kind of song you listen to, as long as you like it. 
When you listen to music, you should listen to it with the hope that it will improve your mood. Don’t just listen to it blankly.
However, it’s better to avoid music that will steer up wrong emotions or music that reminds you of a bad experience, because it will only make you feel worse.
2. Look at old pictures
Looking at old pictures can stir up a lot of emotions in us, both positive and negative. When we take a look at old pictures we remember past experiences that made us happy or that made us sad. It depends on what you want to think.
Let me give you an example, supposing you are looking at the pictures of a dead loved one, naturally you should feel sad, but you only feel sad, when you think about the wrong things like “I wish you were here” or “Why did you go”. Instead when you look at the pictures and think of things like ” I remember when we did this fun thing together ” or “I am sure you will be happy to see me now”.  It’s all in your head.
3. Compliment somebody
You can derive a lot of happiness from helping someone else. Telling someone something really good about them will not just make them happy, it will even make you more happier. This doesn’t mean that when you see someone that doesn’t look good, you tell him or her that they do. Doing that won’t help you. Think of something good you admire about the person and say it to him or her with a smile. The way that person will thank you will automatically make you happier.
4. Forgive and forget
This isn’t just hakuna matata philosophy. It something very important that you should do. Truth be told, it’s easier said than done. Remember that when you forgive, you let go of worries, mistakes and regrets that are keeping you from enjoying a happy and healthy life.
People who don’t hold grudges will longer than people who do. Because worrying weakens the immune system.  Forgive people who hurt you and forget what they did. It shows you are stronger. Sometimes you also have to forgive yourself. Move away from situations from your past that made you sad.
5. Reduce the indoor life
You won’t be happy if you are always inside. Spending more time with your smartphone or laptop rather than real smart people will increase your risk of depression.
Spend quality time outside, take a walk, jog, or just stroll. It will improve your mental and emotional health.
Apart from that spending time outside exposes us to sunlight, which can help our bodies produce vitamin D. More vitamin D in the body means less stress and depression.
6. Play your favorite sport
I would have said exercise, but that wouldn’t sound like fun. Exercise will definitely make you happier and healthier but when you exercise by engaging in your best sport the effect is doubled.
It could be playing football, tennis or golf. Just don’t do it competitively, have fun instead.
7. Learn something new
Trying to learn something new can greatly alleviate wrong feelings. It’s just like you are trying to distract your brain into focusing on something else.
They are two things you should take note of here. First is, don’t just learn anything, try something that interests you a lot. For example a language or a skill. Secondly, don’t try to learn it too fast, just take it easy and slow.
8. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates
I know this sounds like I am discussing about healthy eating, well I’m not. A research in New Zealand found out that people who eat more fruits and veggies have better emotions. They discovered a relationship between happiness and eating fruits. Now, why less carbohydrates? There is scientific evidence that proves that too much carbohydrates will make you unhappy. Additionally, you could gain weight, which can damage your mental health.
9. Talk to a stranger
Yes, it helps. Talking about your problems with someone you know can help you feel better, but talking about your problems or anything with someone you have never met will make you happier.
Things that will make you happy
10. Travel to somewhere you have never been.
What’s the best way to clear your mind if not by traveling. Traveling normally makes us all happy, but when you are journeying to someplace you haven’t ever gone to, the excitement is much more.
Remember that none of these things will work if you don’t do them with the desire of getting happy. A happy person is complete because you are healthy, Thanks.

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