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9 Important Questions About Fitness Answered Comprehensively

Answers to Fitness Questions
If you were asked to define ‘physical
fitness’ what would you say?
Physical fitness is the condition of good health and well-being where you have the ability to perform all aspects of daily activities.
Fitness has a lot if misconceptions, Do you know that you don’t need have ripped abs or a toned body to be considered fit?
Today,  you will find out the answers to 9 important questions about  fitness. 
The questions, although basic are the most important and popular ones. And the answers are not just understandable but straightforward. So please let’s check it out!
Q1. What does it mean to be fit?

As I earlier said, physical fitness means, being able to perform daily tasks and activities comfortably.
You can deduce from this definition that, you don’t need to lift a hundred kg or win a marathon to be considered fit. You also don’t need to have the ‘perfect body’ either.
Being fit not just about your appearance but also your general health and wellbeing. The ability to perform simple daily tasks comfortably, that’s fitness.
Q2. How do I know if I’m fit?

If you really want to make sure you are fit, you need to know about these five fitness tests and criterion. They are:
• Balance – this is the ability to maintain a position steadily, without any physical activity. This can be tested by standing on one leg or even more preferably, your weaker leg.
• Flexibility – a physically fit person, that is flexible is to move his muscles joints and bones normally, without experiencing abnormal rigidity.
• Cardio-respiratory endurance – this simply being able to perform a physical activity without huffing and puffing heavily. Lol! This is ability to perform exercise that affect the heart and respiratory system.
• Muscular endurance – This is how long the muscle is able to repeat an exercise. Or put simply, the ability of the muscle to exert force before tiring. Can be tested by performing sit ups.
• Speed – This is the ability to move from one place to the other using your physical attributes.
If you can perform this tests without experiencing any serious difficulty, you can be said to be fit.
Q3. How do I get fit?

Basically, getting fit depends on living a healthy life. For instance a sick person can’t perform almost all the tests above. But if you want get fit, you should follow these main principles of achieving fitness, which are:
• Engage in physical exercise habitually
• Eat the right food at the right time
• Sleep and rest  adequately
• Drinks lots of water always.
These are the basic rules for achieving optimum fitness levels. If you want to go further or achieve a fitness goal, then enroll in a reliable fitness program.
Q4. How long should I exercise?

Circumstances differ, you may be chanced to have more time to exercise or you might not. If you are chanced to exercise you can exercise often, then 3 times a week and at least 40 minutes won’t be bad at all.
However if you are not chanced then, you should exercise whenever you are. But remember that exercise means physical activity, that is engaging in some form of physical activity. For example, instead of using your car all the time, you can walk instead.
Q5. How strenuous should my workout be?

It depends. It depends on your fitness level, fitness goals, strength, and time period.
The difficulty of an exercise should increase gradually. For example, the your first day you lift a weight, you might probably push it up to 10 times till you get weak. Stick to doing it for just 10 times during that entire workout day. Progressively, you begin to increase in the number of times you push a weight.
Also if you have a fitness plan that requires you to perform a strenuous exercise.
Q6. Can I lose weight from exercising?
Yes and No. Yes, because exercising is very important in weight loss, it helps you burn fat and calories. 
No, because exercising alone will not help you lose weight. Weight loss involves not only exercises but also eating the right foods and diet.
Q7. What should I eat before and after workout?

Many people don’t eat before working out. It’s important to eat before exercising, because the your body needs glucose that will supply the body energy.
Proteins and carbohydrates can be eaten before workout. While protein is the best food that should be eaten after workout.
Q8. Should I consider my medical limitations while exercising?

Yes. Not everyone is the same. People with certain medical limitations or conditions shouldn’t perform some exercises. For example asthma patients will struggle with cardio or respiratory related exercises.
Fitness Questions Answers
Q9. Why should I be fit?

There are a lot of good reasons for you to maintain a fit and healthy life. Some of the benefits of being fit are:
• Maintaining physical fitness can help ward off a number of diseases.
• Being fit keeps your heart healthy.
• You will look better, attractive and improve your confidence.
• It will help you deal with stress and sleep better.
Hope you enjoyed reading. Bear in mind that I’m not much of a fitness expert, but I love fitness and I carefully researched the topic so you all can benefit.
Remember to stay fit! And healthy!

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