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10 Ways To Get The Wonderful Sleep You Have Been Looking For.

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Sleeping is a wonderful activity, nothing compares to it. Apart from the fact that humans can’t live without sleep, it is one of the most refreshing activities life has to offer. A healthy body needs good sleep and rest.
Unfortunately today, many people lack sleep and even if they get to sleep it is not enjoyable and satisfying as you expect. Don’t worry, today I will make sure you learn the best health tips to get the best sleep ever.

These ways are steps that you should make effort to do. Remember that, we all need to sleep and rest adequately. But no matter your schedule or circumstances, you should get  to know how to make your sleep count and how to get the best out of your sleep. Please Let’s Go!
1. Eat Foods That Promote Better Sleep
A healthy body depends largely on what you eat. Similarly, a great sleep depends on eating the right food.
There are certain foods that help you sleep better. Some good examples are:
Walnuts – Walnuts contain tryptophan, which is an amino acid in the body that induces sleep. It does this by help the body make the ‘sleep hormones’ serotonin and melatonin.
Dairy products – Nothing helps you sleep better than warm milk. Milk or other foods that contain a notable amount of dairy products is good for sleep.
• Others are lettuce, honey, tea and almonds are also amazing.
2. Sleep In The Best Posture.
Much of how comfortable your sleep is depends on, what posture you keep while you sleep. If you want to that perfect sleep that your body badly needs you need to sleep in the best posture.
How do you find your best sleeping posture? Here’s a little trick for you to do that. When you wake up in the morning, try to find out the posture you had. That posture is obviously the best posture you body likes. Try using that posture,  you’ll fall asleep faster and sleep like a healthy person.
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3. Drop Your Phone
Your phone could be the one causing you to unnecessarily have a poor sleep. Radiation from phones make it very difficult to reach deep sleep. What you should do is this? Turn off your phone, or put it in silent mode and place it at a considerable distance from you. Do this like 10 minutes before attempting to fall asleep.
This way you will sleep more comfortably and avoid calls or texts that could distort your sleep.
4. Read A Book
This tips is based on the last one above. You see, many people believe or feel that it’s difficult to fall asleep without their using their phone or watching a movie. However, many studies have shown that reading for about 15 minutes before sleeping, you actually get to sleep better and quicker.
Reading promotes better sleep than using your phone or watching TV. But here’s the trick, whenever you want to fall asleep, reading something new and different from what you’re normally used to reading. And before you know it you’ll be yawning.
5. Make Your Room ‘Sleepable’
For you to have the best ever sleep you need to make sure your room is conducive enough for sleeping. Some Important things you need are:
• A quiet room
• A comfortable bed
• A cool temperature and
• Little or no lighting.
6. Exercise!
Performing aerobic exercise can help you get a quality sleep. People who engage in physical activity regularly will sleep more better than does who don’t.
Note that you shouldn’t exercise like 2 to 3 hours before you sleep, this won’t help in any way. It will only increase your temperature and make sleep more difficult.
7. Take An Afternoon Siesta
Most of the time, the best ever sleep are those you take in the afternoon. Sleeping in the afternoon is like an extra charge for the body, apart from the night sleep. It might just be what you need to have that good sleep you are looking for.
8. Cuddling
I love cuddling. Cuddling is important for those that want to have the perfect sleep. Cuddling up with your partner could boost your sleep quality and help lower your stress hormones.

However, you should note that it has it’s downsides, as sleeping with someone can be annoying if the person have poor sleeping habits. Additionally, it is not advisable to cuddle your pets or kids to sleep.

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9. Eat the right food at the right time

When it comes to having quality sleep, the food you it, when you eat it and how it is served are somewhat important.
Now it is advisable to eat light food before going to bed. Another thing again is that extremely hot foods shouldn’t be taken if you want to get the best sleep.

And lastly, if you want to eat something heavy, make sure it is taken at least an hour before sleeping.

10. Meditation
Meditation and yoga help relieve mental stress, which are the key culprits involved in making your sleep have poor quality.
Meditating will help you free your mind and hence improve the quality of your sleep.


Thanks For Reading. I hope you learnt some essential tips that will get the best sleep.

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