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Health Tips That Will Help You Grow Taller

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How To Grow Taller


Who doesn’t want to grow taller? Being tall has a lot of advantages, and adding a few inches is something very desirable by many people. However, not everyone is tall, because, hereditary and genetic factors determine a persons height. Those people with a good height have more advantages than those who don’t. For example, experts at dating say that women prefer tall men to short men. Today you’ll learn the natural and effective health tips on how to grow taller. You will find out about some foods that can make you taller.

Before you proceed please note this important details:

• 95% of your height is determined by hereditary factors.

• You stop growing when you reach your mid twenties, so you can expect to get taller if you have reached adulthood.
• You shouldn’t expect to grow to 6 feet automatically, you’ll just add a few inches.
• A lot of activities during teenage years affects your height.
The health tips that will help you grow taller can be divided into two. Those habits or activities that increase growth of the height and those who don’t.

Health Tips That Can Help You Grow Taller

1. Exercise frequently as you keep growing
Exercise is the easiest way of increasing your height. Many teens hardly spend time engaging in adequate physical activity. However, regular exercises during your growing stages can influence your height. There are many exercises that you can engage in to grow taller. Some of them include;
Swimming : Swimming is the best exercise when it comes to increasing height. It stretches your spine along with ligaments and tendons hence increasing your height. If you consistently swim at least 3 times a week, when you are younger you can actually increase your height.
Skipping: Skipping or jumping we all enjoyed while we were kids, maybe you might have abandoned it. But skipping really does increase your height. This is a great way because when skipping, your body stays erect while stretching the back and spine. Also as you bend your knees, you cause the calves to expand vertically.
Cycling: Cycling is an effective way to get taller by exercising. Here’s the trick,  Raise the seat of the bike to a considerable height, so that you can stretch your legs when you are riding. This trick stretches your legs thus you add a few inches to your height.
Toe Touch Exercise : You can perform this exercise by attempting to touch your toes, without bending your knees. It straightens your waist.
2. Stretching
Stretching is something that most of us do, unconsciously. We all stretch, but the problem is that we don’t do it often and we don’t do it well. Stretching helps in straightening out any curvature that makes you shorter. Stretching should be done at all times, especially if you spend time sitting or standing for long periods. Additionally, you should stretch for at least 6-7 seconds. Consider joining a yoga class, to help you stretch better.
3. Eat healthy foods that increase your height
There are certain foods that can help you grow taller. Eating them is very essential, because you need to get the required nutrients that your needs to develop fully.
Some of these nutrients are;
Proteins – The primary function of protein is to build up the body. So foods that contain protein are foods that makes you tall. Proteins aids body growth and tissue repair. Foods rich in protein are beans, soya beans etc.
Calcium – Calcium helps in bone development, and when your bone develops you are bound to grow taller. Foods rich in calcium are fishes, vegetables etc.
Zinc – If you lack zinc while growing, there will definitely be stunted growth. Its important to consume foods rich in zinc like eggs, peas etc.
4. Sleep Very Well
Getting adequate and quality sleep is imperative for growth. Growth hormone, is a hormone associated with increasing general body growth and it is released more, while you sleep. Make sure that as a growing youth you have quality sleep, so you can grow better.
Habits That Don’t Make You Grow Taller 

There are some common habits or factors that could prevent you from reaching your full height?  Some of them include:
× Excessive caffeine intake: Intake of caffeine doesn’t directly cause stunted growth, but it prevents you from sleeping well. And as earlier said, sleeping is very important in  growth.
× Gyming: Although exercises are good for growth, certain exercises like heavyweight gyming can stunt your growth. Especially when they are done while you are still developing.
× Use of steroids: Making use of anabolic steroids have been shown to inhibit bone growth in both children and teens.


How To Grow Taller


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Conclusively, having good height is very essential, but no matter how you are should be happy. If you are not satisfied, make improvements so you can feel better. Whether tall or short, you are still special.
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