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7 Warning Signs Someone Has Had Too Much To Drink

Warning Signs Someone Has Had Too Much To Drink
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Many people indulge too much during special events and become drunk. Because people react differently to alcohol, it is not always simple to tell when someone is inebriated. Unfortunately, some people can develop alcohol poisoning if they drink too much. Learning the signs is critical for helping keep people safe.

7 Warning Signs Someone Drank Too Much Alcohol

Knowing when someone has had enough alcohol is critical for designated drivers, friends, and relatives. Although drinking too much does not always mean one needs addiction treatment centers, too much alcohol regularly could signal a serious addiction. Do not ignore the warning signs someone has drunk too much alcohol.

1. Flushed Face

Although not everyone gets a flushed face with drinking, it is common. Alcohol increases blood pressure and dilates the blood vessels, which can lead to flushing in the face.

2. Strange Behaviors

Some people handle alcohol better than others. When someone has too much to drink, they may begin exhibiting strange behaviors, including talking very loudly, flirting, or becoming overly aggressive. Individuals should be concerned if someone is acting outside of their normal behaviors.

3. Anger and Aggression

Not all drunks become angry and aggressive, but some do, and they can become abusive. People who are intoxicated are more likely to start fights. Some people become violent when they become drunk, especially if they have anger issues.

4. Risky Behaviors

People lose their inhibitions when they drink too much and may not realize they are endangering their lives. They may walk into the road, get into strange cars, or climb onto high places. When someone does not realize the dangers, they become an extreme danger to themselves and others.

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5. Lack of Control

Many people lack body control when they have drunk too much alcohol. People cannot walk in a straight line and may stumble and even fall. These behaviors may seem funny, but they are a sign of serious problems because the liver has had more alcohol than it can manage.

6. Vomiting

When someone drinks too much alcohol, the body will attempt to dispel the excess right away. Nausea and vomiting are common with too much alcohol. People are in danger when vomiting while drunk because they can aspirate and choke.

7. Overexaggerated Emotions

People react to too much alcohol in different ways. They may laugh, cry, yell, or curse too much. Every emotion seems larger than life and can cause people to react to situations in ways they normally would not.

How to Know When Someone Needs Professional Intervention

There is a difference between overindulging from time to time and abusing alcohol. When people abuse alcohol, they often spend more time drunk than they do sober. People who abuse alcohol experience blackouts and make excuses for drinking. They may try to hide how much they drink from friends and family.

Those who feel hungover, even when they have not been drinking, are likely abusing alcohol. Getting to the root problem of their addiction is a first step. The individual must also be willing to admit they need help and accept it, which is one of the toughest hurdles to overcome in alcohol abuse.

There are many ways to get professional help for alcoholics, including residential therapy, outpatient therapy, and counseling. Individuals must seek a medically supervised detox to avoid dangerous withdrawal symptoms when stopping drinking.

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