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6 Serious Diseases That Affects Men In 2016

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Serious Diseases That Affect Men 2016
As men, being healthy is  a very important necessity. Men are the foundation of the human population, and healthy men are the bases for a healthy world. 
Today a lot of serious diseases threaten men, and the life expectancy of men has decreased from 71 years to 68 years in a decade. According to the World Health Organization, women on average live longer than men in every country in the world, except in Tonga.
To survive in any challenge, you need to first of all know what you are up against. That’s why it’s imperative to know the top diseases affecting men in 2016. These disease are based on their statistical epidemiology and severity.
As you read about them, please make conscious effort to avoid them, because prevention is always better than cure.
1. Liver diseases
Liver diseases are group of diseases that affect the liver. Some of them are cirrhosis, hepatitis and other Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Liver diseases are more prevalent in men than women. There is a probable reason why that is so and that reason stems from the cause.
Most liver diseases are caused by excessive alcohol intake and tobacco use. You could also be at risk if you are overweight.
To prevent getting any liver disease, endeavor to drink alcohol moderately and less frequently. Also, watch your weight and your body mass index.
2. Stroke
Stroke is a deadly disease that affects both men and women. It is however more common in men than in women until age 75. In men, the factors that could cause you to have stroke are manifold. But hypertension is the most likeliest factor.
Other factors that cause stroke in men are; smoking, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes.
To prevent stroke you need to engage in regular physical activity, especially cardio exercises, so you can keep your heart healthy. Additionally eating healthy and quitting smoking will help you a lot.
3. Skin cancer
Skin cancer is the most common cancer among men. Also, men are at a high risk of getting skin cancer compared to women. This is probably because of two reasons, one men hardly protect their skin from the sun. And they are a times negligent about their skin health.
Skin cancer is largely caused by a lot of exposure to radiation and other artificial sources, like solarium.
To prevent your risk of skin cancer you should wear light cloths that protect your skin from the harsh weather and avoid UV light too.
4. Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the cancer an important male organ called the prostate. It is the second most common cancer affecting men. According to the American Cancer Society, there is an estimated 180,000 new cases of prostate cancer in 2016. And 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed of prostate cancer during his lifetime.
You can see, prostate cancer is a serious diseases that every men should be wary of.
Prostate cancer is more than likely to occur in older men who engage in little or no physical activity, and who have a poor health lifestyle. It is also common among men who eat too much fat and red meat.
The best way to prevent prostate cancer naturally is through a healthy lifestyle and quick treatment.
5. Heart Diseases
Heart diseases are those diseases that affect the cardiovascular system, such as heart failure, rheumatic heart disease and ischemic heart disease. Heart disease are the top killers of both men and women, but men have almost twice as much incidence of heart diseases than women. Heart diseases are so serious that according to CDC about 1 in 4 men has a heart disease.
The risk factors of heart disease include increasing age, as men from age 65 and above are most likely to have cardiovascular problems. Others are; Being overweight, smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure.
If you want to avoid having a heart disease as a man you should exercise, eat healthy food and protect your heart.
6. Diabetes
Diabetes is another serious threat to men’s health. Type 2 diabetes is the main type of diabetes that affects men. An overweight person has a higher likelihood of developing diabetes, than a fit individual.
Another factor that causes diabetes is excessive intake of food with too much sugar and refined carbs. Diabetes is such a deadly disease because it can later lead to cardiovascular problems, nerve damage and kidney issues.
A healthy lifestyle is what is needed to prevent diabetes. Eat foods with less sugar and burning more fat will help you prevent diabetes.
Serious Diseases That Affect Men 2016
Conclusively, no matter what disease every man should work hard to remain healthy and prevent them. So that we can play our roles as fathers, brothers, guardians and leaders.
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