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8 Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Insomnia affects about one-third of the population. You might find it difficult to get to sleep initially, have trouble staying asleep, wake up early, or just awake unrefreshed from a night of tossing around in the bed. It is often difficult to point out an exact cause of this sleeping disorder, but there are several contributing factors such as:

  1. Anxiety, stress, depression, strong emotions.
  2. Artificial lighting.
  3. Noise and light pollution.
  4. Too much time indoors.
  5. Bad eating habits.

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia

Why is sleep so important?

The rest and repair mode of the nervous system becomes active during sleep, giving mind and body a chance to relax and recuperate from the stresses of the day. Bad sleep routines or insomnia can lead to many severe diseases.

How can homeopathy help?

You can try using these well-known natural remedies to help you get to sleep more easily. For a long-term approach, it is best to consult a homeopathy professional who can diagnose the cause and give proper medication for the same.

Here is the list of the best homeopathy sleep remedies:

Coffea cruda

Whilst a strong dose of coffee in the morning usually wake most people up, the homeopathy use of the remedy is quite the opposite. It calms a restless mind, slows down over-flowing thoughts, and help promote a restful night’s sleep. Use this remedy for treating insomnia caused by anxiety, restlessness, or depression.

Hyoscyamus niger

This is a good remedy for insomnia, especially in over-active children who wake up frightened from fears and visions. They may wake up with convulsions, and there can be sleep-talking, loud moaning, and grinding of teeth. Eventually, they become tired and drowsy and fall asleep again.

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Arsenicum album

This remedy is characterized by the very restless sleep with fearful dreams of robbers, thieves, or stealing. The patient constantly feels drowsiness in the evening with much yawing followed by insomnia with a great deal of agitation, turning and tossing, and jerking of the limbs on the point of going to sleep. A person usually gets very un-refreshed sleep; even the slightest light or noise or change in temperature can wake them up. They dream horrible things, and it becomes really difficult to back to sleep after waking up.

Papaver somniferum

This remedy is helpful for people who wakes up from even slight noise, where the bed feels too hot, and there are moaning and jerking of limbs in sleep. The person feels difficulty while doing something that requires concentration, and they feel sleepiness all day round, but as soon they lie on their bed, there is an absolute inability to sleep. Once finally asleep, their mind is filled with anxious dreams and nightmares or pleasant and fantastical dreams. A person facing this problem finds it hard to wake up.


In this remedy, there is an aggravation of general symptoms during or after sleep. The quality of sleep is poor, with frequent waking, turning, groans, and fright. It may be helpful when the sleep is impossible on the left side or disturbed by vivid and constantly changing dreams or even a sense of suffocation. A person affected by this feels drowsiness and insomnia every alternate day. The feeling of drowsiness gets worse, especially after a meal.

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Valeriana officinalis

Sleeplessness with nightly itching and muscular spasms from excitement gets worse on waking. The person has to deal with disturbed sleep and confused dreams.

Cocculus indicus

Insomnia that stems from mental or physical exhaustion or from cares and worries. This remedy is well suited for worn-out people who care for others and work night shifts. There is an irresistible inclination to sleep in the morning with spasmodic yawning. Dreams are vivid, anxious, and fearful. This remedy is also useful for children who fear from ghosts that prevents them from sleeping.


This remedy works for people who feel drowsiness during the day and early in the evening but face difficulty in falling asleep at night. The sleep is light, more like dozing than going in a deep sleep. Graphites help where it is difficult to fall asleep before midnight on account of a rush of anxious thoughts and digestive problems. Eventually, when deep sleep arrives in the morning, the person has to wake up for work.

Arnica mont

This remedy is used for people who are unable to fall asleep because of extreme exertion on the mind and body.

Sleeping disorders are common, and anybody can suffer from this problem at any point or age in their life. If you are facing this problem, then you should use the above-mentioned remedies or consult a homeopath who can provide you with proper treatment for a long-term result.

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